Ocotober 18, 2020

In Fear We Trust

Only two pertinent revelations emerged from the competing presidential townhalls the other night, both of them disturbing. The first one, voiced by Savannah Guthrie, was that the Chinese COVID virus had infected 10% of the U.S. population. Despite Guthrie being a member of the dishonest news media, I’ll take her word for it and assume that the statistic is accurate.

What I find disturbing is what it portends for the future. Like any typical virus outbreak, COVID will hang around until it exposes itself to 85% of the population, dissipating afterward. Unfortunately, at its current rate, we could be looking at another 7 to 8 years of mandated isolation from one another and suffocating behind useless paper masks. Since politicians are basically morons and cowards, it is a sure bet that they will continue the irrational lockdowns and business closures for another seven years, perhaps even longer if Joe Biden finds his way into the White House.

That brings me to my second disturbing revelation, one in which Joe Biden admitted to wearing an N95 mask under his paper mask. That means he’s twice as scared as you are, perhaps more panicked than any other person on the face of the earth. The bottom line is that if Joe Biden is too afraid to stand face-to-face with the president of the United States, then he’s too scared to hold the nation’s highest office.

Under a Biden administration, we probably would have to change the national motto to In Fear We Trust.

Copyrighted © 2020 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 3, 2018

Same Tactics, Different Target

I recently attended a social gathering in which current events were being discussed. The moment the Catholic Church became the topic, the group turned into an ugly lynch mob, the exact reaction the news media hoped to trigger.

The political Left and the news media are faced with a dilemma regarding the church scandal because the overriding issue is not pedophilia but homosexuality. With socialism being their religion and abortion their sacrament, homosexuality has become the Left’s priesthood (transgenderism coming in a close second). Therefore, they cannot report the truth about the Catholic Church. Doing so would undercut their preferred lifestyle. Instead, they hide the truth by screaming “pedophilia,” attempting to channel society’s anger toward the Catholic Church, thereby obliterating the Catholic Faith under the guise of protecting children. 

The church was at fault for letting homosexuals infiltrate its clergy, perhaps doing so to avoid discrimination lawsuits. Whatever the reason, it led to homosexual priests doing what homosexual men do—recruiting adolescent boys. (Let this be a lesson to the Boy Scouts.) The Catholic Church now weeds out such men before ordination, doing so quietly, knowing that the jackals attacking them now would only increase their attacks upon learning of the ban on homosexual clergy, even if it protects children. The greatest victim in all of this has been the truth.

You need look no further than the phony claims of Russian collusion and the investigation of the president to understand what is going on here. Same tactics, different target. 

Copyrighted © 2018 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 12, 2017

The Sandbox

Once again, the media and the Democrats are out playing in the Washington sandbox, laughing and yucking it up, amusing themselves with fake news stories of stolen elections, Russian collusion, and end-of-the-world scenarios. And just when they begin growing weary of their toys and fantasies, Donald Trump, the good parent that he is, tosses into the sandbox a shiny new plaything—the firing of James Comey, for example—stirring a newfound interest and excitement in them, challenging their adolescent minds while at the same time keeping them occupied, freeing him to go about the hard work of running the country, endeavoring to make America great again.

However, as is often the case, their insatiable desire for salacious material lead the media and the Democrats, spoiled children that they are, to eventually lose interest in this new toy as well, at which time they begin conspiring among themselves, plotting new ways to oust their parent from the household, their grand schemes amounting to nothing because they lack the stature to climb out of the sandbox, its sides too high for them to scale. Instead, they remain trapped and confined in their backyard safe space while President Trump keeps a wary eye on them, smiling in amusement at their antics, gazing knowingly at them from the window of the Whitehouse where the real work of America is under way.

Copyrighted © 2017 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 10, 2017

Swamp People

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, but now, knee deep in the muck, he seems to be taking advice from the rats and snakes living there. Specifically, I am referring to lawyers, that odious class of self-absorbed people advising him on how to deal with a rogue judiciary now imperiling our nation. 

This most recent judicial overreach by these black-robed lawyers acting as “so-called” judges is an effort to steal more presidential power; namely, his authority over national security and foreign policy granted him by statute and the Constitution. Unfortunately, rather than relying on what got him elected—on Trump being Trump—he has taken the advice of lawyers, a band of co-conspirators interested mainly in their own aggrandizement, men and women so arthritic in their thought processes that they can no longer reason or recognize the truth, their sole purpose being to garner more power for themselves while heaping excrement upon the masses. 

This modern overreach of power by the judiciary began in 1973 when it legalized the killing of preborn children, thereby mocking God and defiling the sacredness of motherhood and femininity, making women accomplices in murder and turning their wombs into torture chambers and tombs. From that point on, the judiciary became an unelected rogue entity, unchecked by any method or means known to man, rendering all of us subjects and victims of their immorality and their sordid liberal whims. 

Trump may be destined to live in the swamp for the next four to eight years, but he does not have to tolerate it. He should reclaim his presidential authority in these areas by bringing to heel the courts, ignoring them when they overstep their boundaries. In other words, Trump needs to stop listening to the lawyers and start being Trump again.      

Copyrighted © 2017 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 9, 2016

An Angel in the Whirlwind, Part III

In his inaugural address after the tempestuous presidential election of 2000, George W. Bush referenced a letter written to Thomas Jefferson by Virginia statesman Thomas Page after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in which Page asked, “Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm.” Here, at the end of an equally tempestuous presidential election, there can be no doubt that our guardian angel, once again, mounted the whirlwind to direct the storm.

Many have labeled it a miracle what our founding fathers achieved, and rightly so. Without Divine Providence, they could not have accomplished what they set out to do, and it was undoubtedly their dedication and devotion to the Creator that earned them a favored reward. Over the years, however, our country turned away from God, prompting him to forsake us as well. But, like the Jews wandering in the desert for forty years, he never entirely abandoned us, and it appears as if he has given us a second chance. Perhaps, he could not bear to watch our nation become entirely compromised and corrupt, feeling pity for the people he had blessed two hundred and forty years ago, guiding them in the formation of a government under the mantle of his love.

The promise of this campaign has been to “Make America Great Again,” and, in doing so, we will also make America good again. Like the Prodigal Son, our nation has strayed from the path of virtue, embracing things like abortion and the debasement of marriage, but now is the time for change and a time to celebrate and rejoice because we were dead and have been restored to life; we were lost and have been found.

Copyrighted © 2017 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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 September 14, 2016

The Clinton Crapshoot

When I was in high school, the state lottery systems were just coming into existence. It is something I remember because my mathematics teacher used the announcement of the lottery as an opportunity to teach the class about probability and chance. She highlighted the overwhelming odds against winning the jackpot but ended the lesson with a disclosure that she, nonetheless, intended to purchase a lottery ticket. 

The upcoming presidential election can be viewed as a government lottery in which Hillary Clinton is promising to give us a little more money pilfered from our neighbors, a promise that will result in more of the same—more poverty, more joblessness, more misery. She wants us to gamble away our future by investing in her, offering as an incentive a few more one-dollar lottery payouts that do nothing to help those in need. It is the same ploy tried by Barack Obama when he ran for president. 

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is not trying to buy our votes with a few more dollars thrown our way. Instead, he is offering the freedom and opportunity to win the entire jackpot, a chance to play the game of success without facing a stacked deck, one weighted totally against us. He recently asked the black community, “What do you have to lose in voting for me?”—a question he posed while pointing out the pain and suffering they have experienced at the hands of the Democrat Party, the same party that once held them in physical bondage and now represses them economically.  

That very straightforward question directed at the black community is one that Trump could easily ask all of us—black, white, yellow, and red—because, after eight years of national decline, we have little to lose and everything to win.

Copyrighted © 2016 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 31, 2016

Who You Gonna Call?

Enough time has passed that I can now objectively assess the Democrat Presidential Convention—or the DNC Freak Show, as I like to call it. Never before in my life have I seen such a collection of whimpering, emasculated men or screaming, unhinged women highlighted one after another over the course of four nights.  

Then, to top it off, they released onto the stage Hillary Clinton dressed like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie. Lumbering across the stage, she set about trampling under the colossal weight of her incompetence, dishonesty, and corruption all that Americans hold near and dear, namely the American Dream and the U.S. Constitution. 

My thoughts upon witnessing her slog toward the podium can be encapsulated in the words of Harold Ramis acting in the role of Dr. Egon Spengler when he said of Mr. Stay Puft: “I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.” 

There is one thing and one thing alone capable of countering the evil embodied by Hillary Clinton in her impersonation of the demonic Mr. Stay Puft, and that countermeasure is to Make America Great Again!

Copyrighted © 2016 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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 January 15, 2016

The Natural

It seems that the older I get, the more intolerant I become of stupidity, which might explain my abhorrence to many Republicans, most Democrats, and all of the news media. The most recent example of idiocy in our country is the inability of the people to understand the meaning of the word “natural” as used by the U.S. Constitution when defining presidential qualifications: No person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the Office of President …

This all relates to the phony attempt to say that Ted Cruz cannot run for president because he was born to an American citizen while in Canada. Many politicians and news media hacks are trying to confuse people on this issue, counting on the fact that most people were educated in the American education system, meaning that they are pretty much dupes when it comes to anything requiring rational thought.

However, the inference in the Constitution is not that hard to understand even from a linguistic perspective. The word natural when used in the context of a natural born citizen simply means by nature of, as in citizenship granted by nature of birth. Everyone born to a U.S. citizen is automatically a citizen regardless of the place of birth because citizenship flows from the status of the parent; the child is a citizen by nature of being born to a citizen. It is the citizenship of the parent, not a geographical location, that bestows the natural citizenship. Therefore, anyone born to a United States citizen is a citizen by nature of their birth (i.e. natural), qualifying them to run for president.

Ted Cruz has been a U.S. citizen by nature of his birth since taking his first breath, and, as such, he is a natural born citizen qualified to be president.

Copyrighted © 2016 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 6, 2015

Womb to Tomb

There has been another mass shooting, this time in Oregon. Once again, it happened where the shooter knew he would encounter no immediate return fire. Perhaps “gunned down zones” is a more appropriate designation for these areas because that is what they have become. Of course, people are now affixing blame by pointing fingers everywhere but at the actual culprit. 

To find the real cause of these mass killings, look no further than the United States Supreme Court. No, not the current court, although it is not entirely innocent; I’m talking about the Supreme Court of 1973 that created the bogus right to kill a child in the womb of its mother. Talk about mass murder, since that heinous proclamation forty-two years ago, over fifty-seven million innocent babies have been slaughtered with no one held accountable for their deaths. 

When life is devalued—as it was by the Supreme Court—by permitting and tolerating  the indiscriminate murder of innocent human beings, it cannot help but have an adverse effect on society as a whole; in essence, anesthetizing people to the horror of mass murder. Children raised in such a culture will act in a manner consistent with that culture, believing that it is okay to kill “some” people, that all lives do not matter. Therefore, it should surprise no one that these children then act out what they have learned once they become adolescents and adults. 

There is only one way to end these mass murders, and that is to make abortion illegal again, thereby bringing its legal status into alignment with the natural moral law. Doing so would send a clear message to everyone—especially impressionable children—that human lives do matter. Otherwise, nothing—not even confiscating every gun in the country—will stop these random mass killings.

Copyrighted © 2015 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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June 22, 2015

The Pope's New Clothes

Remember the Danish fairytale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, in which the emperor parades around wearing nothing but magical garments he believes to be visible until a small child points out that he is naked? Well, it seems that Pope Francis has stumbled upon the emperor’s old duds and has decided to take a stroll while wearing them. I’m referring to his recent encyclical, Laudato Si’, in which he promotes the mythology of man-made global warming using false assumptions and faulty logic that even a child can see through. His cause-and-effect presentation of pseudo-facts regarding climate fluctuations is misguided at best, dishonest at worst, and totally lacking in substance.

Underlying his arguments is some perverse strain of vain humanism in which he attributes to man the power to direct climatic evolution on a planetary scale, indicating an arrogance and lack of humility, almost a lack of faith, in which he views God as incapable of managing his creation without the sanction and intervention of man. One has to ask: how was God able to runs things before the appearance of man?

Leaving out annoying little facts from his dissertation, such as the hard data of global temperature readings, and instead basing his arguments solely on flawed computer models written by leftist liberal men with socialist political agendas, the Pope greatly damages his credibility along with that of the Church. Much harm has already been done to the Church through the interaction of homosexual priests with adolescent and teenage boys, but that may pale in comparison to the injury inflicted by the Pope through his dishonest portrayal of the climate.

There have been times in the past when it was necessary to separate the mission of the Church from the political agenda of the Pope. This appears to be one of them.

Copyrighted © 2015 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 4, 2015

Shadow People

Now that a new session of Congress has opened, we are hearing the politicians and media once again ratchet up the rhetoric regarding immigration reform. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions, if not outright lies, when it comes to discussing the issues surrounding immigration.  

First and foremost, it needs to be said that there is no immigration problem in this country. We have plenty of immigration laws, and they work just fine when they are enforced, the problem being that they are never enforced.    

Secondly, when someone talks about “illegal immigration,” what he is actually referring to is “invasion.” It has nothing to do with immigration—the lawful entry of people into our country with the expressed purpose of becoming citizens—but it rightfully describes the storming of our nation by citizens of other nations who then demand accommodation once they breach our borders.

There is one simple solution to this invasion problem, a solution that makes the whole issue eventually disappear: secure the border. Once you secure the border and monitor visas, the problem is solved and you need not do anything else. With no new invaders entering the country, the existing invaders are left with two choices: leave or live out their days in the shadows. Either way—through migration or attrition—they will one day be gone, and we will have a safe and secure nation where the only people crossing our borders are those doing it legally by following the immigration laws.

Now that is immigration reform we can all live with.

Copyrighted © 2015 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 14, 2014

Young Guns

If you ever needed confirmation of why our founding fathers found it necessary to give us the Second Amendment to the Constitution, you only had to watch the standoff between the federal Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who refused to be steamrolled and intimidated by an arrogant, tyrannical federal government.  And there was one reason and one reason alone why Mr. Bundy was able to stare down the government when it attempted to abscond with his private property, and that reason was a loaded gun, actually, many loaded guns. 

The urban class—the ones who elected Obama and most other Democrats—suffer from the delusion that the reason the founders gave us the right to bear arms was to enable us to hunt.  In truth, the founders gave us that right so we could protect ourselves from an overreaching federal government, the kind we have now.  The country class understands that truth, and that is why the descendants of the American pioneers—armed and ready for action—came to the aid of the Bundy family.  Had these freedom-loving patriots not been armed, the government thugs surely would have run roughshod over them. 

In the end, the federal government retreated with the claim that it did so to protect the public when, in fact, it did so to protect itself.  Like most bullies, it turned and ran when confronted with a formidable opposing force.  No doubt the liberal politicians in Washington see this as a setback in their goal to subjugate us to their tyrannical rule, and they will no doubt redouble their efforts to take away our guns; however, if the encounter in Nevada is any indication, they are going to have a fight on their hands. 

Copyrighted © 2014 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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 December 22, 2013

A Duck Calling in the Wilderness

There has been a lot of phony outrage—along with an equal amount lot of hate—generated by the homosexual activists and their lapdogs in the media over words spoken by Phil Robertson of the A&E series Duck Dynasty. The ironic thing is that what Phil said is true: the Bible regards homosexual acts as sinful. It always has. 

This is not something that only Phil knows. The committers of the acts and their supporters know it too. That is the real cause of their outrage: they do not like being reminded that they are acting immorally. 

There are some striking similarities in all of this to another odd character in history who criticized the deviant behavior of his day. John the Baptist appeared in the desert clothed in camel’s hair (camo-wear of that era) eating locusts and wild honey (something you might find on Phil’s table), and he used severe words to admonish sinners for their bad behavior, calling them vipers among other things. He was especially severe toward King Herod for his salacious and illicit relationship with his brother’s wife. 

Despite his unusual ways and harsh rhetoric, people loved John the Baptist, and people love and respect Phil Robertson as well. They agree with him, and they are tired of being ruled and silenced by those who promote cultural rot in our society. They are especially tired of cowardly politicians and depraved judges who force down their throats things they know to be immoral and wrong, and, by their reaction to the plight of Phil, they appear ready to speak up.  

But there is a danger in all of this. Herod had John the Baptist beheaded. The homosexuals and the media have yet to come for Phil’s head, but it is only a matter of time.

Copyrighted © 2013 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 24, 2013

Democrat Caliphate

There is no god but government, and Obama is its prophet! That is the mantra of the Democrat Party, and you better learn it if you wish to keep your head. The fanatics in the Democrat Party have learned much from the Islamic terrorist movement, and, like their brethren, they demand that everyone convert to the religion of liberalism or be summarily destroyed.

The terroristic tendencies of the Democrat Party were never more evident than when it declared jihad on America and plowed Obamacare into the twin towers of liberty and freedom. As the nation teetered and began to crumble, Democrats could be heard shrieking at the top of their lungs, “Government is great!” Lured on by the promise of 72 interns, they continue their suicide missions on every front.

Like Islamic jihadists, they do not tolerate criticism of their religion or the mocking of the Prophet Obama, and they have threatened annihilation on anyone who does. The media, fully aware of the danger, have elected not to offer even the slightest criticism of government for fear of what will befall them.

Fortunately, there are some brave conservatives—Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to name two—who are not afraid to meet the Obamacare jihad head-on. They courageously expose government for the false god that it is, and they encourage others to do the same. But their actions are not without consequence. They have been assaulted mercilessly for what they have done by the fanatical extremists in the Democrat Party and their sleeper cells in the Republican Party.

Now the question is: What will you do? Will you fight the jihad to stop Obamacare and thwart the Democrat caliphate? Or will you close your eyes and solemnly chant: There is no god but government, and Obama is its prophet?

Copyrighted © 2013 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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June 28, 2013

Big Bro

When it comes to the Obama administration’s spying on us through the collection and storage of our personal phone calls, emails, Internet activity, and whatever else, everyone seems to be dancing around the issue instead of stating the obvious. The real reason people are so apoplectic about all this is because of the person doing it: namely, Barack Obama. 

Obama, through his illegal gun running operation into Mexico (i.e. Fast and Furious scandal) and his abandonment of U.S. diplomats under terrorist attack in Libya (i.e. Benghazi scandal) that resulted in the deaths of Americans, has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted with anything, least of all our private communications and personal information. He has continually used his position as president to circumvent the law and attack organizations and citizens he does not like (i.e. IRS scandal). 

People defending Obama’s eavesdropping—both Democrat and Republican—like to emphasize the integrity of the people running the CIA and the NSA, but they neglect to point out that these “righteous” people work for Obama, and in the end they will do whatever he tells them to do. When the head of the body is diseased, it does little good to compliment the well-manicured fingernails.  

The defenders of Obama also like to state that it requires a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court to intercept communications, but the key word there is “foreign”; Obama is grabbing domestic communication records with no foreign connections. So who is issuing the warrants for those data grabs? The answer is no one. 

The rules only work if you have people in power who follow the rules. We don’t, and that is why the public will not accept this type of surveillance until such time as we can rid ourselves of Barack Obama and his ilk.

Copyrighted © 2013 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 25, 2013

Slippery Slope

So we have to ask ourselves, “Do we really want to enshrine in law special rights for people based on the way they choose to pleasure themselves sexually?” What I am referring to is the disturbing trend that gives legal standing to people who chose to engage in homosexual activity and call it “marriage.” 

The origins of marriage predate recorded human history. In addition to the moral component, marriage came about to satisfy an inherent societal need: the survival of the species through the conception and rearing of children. It is the most effective way to ensure the propagation of a species and a culture. But once you start tinkering with the mechanics of marriage, you risk collapsing the whole societal structure at its very core. 

Unfortunately, many people today do not care about protecting society or culture. Their sole concern is having a good time and eliminating all barriers to achieving their sexual Nirvanas. And for some odd reason, they expect society—the very society they seek to undermine—to officially sanction their chosen aberrant lifestyles. 

But society must be careful not to proceed down that slippery slope. After all, there are others out there who can make the same arguments as do many of the homosexuals. Pedophiliacs, also, are only looking for love. Is it fair to treat them differently? And let us not forget the animal kingdom. Bestiality has been around for as long as marriage and homosexuality. Is it truly fair to deny a union between a man and his Shetland pony?  

We may be closer to all of this than you think. Why it was only the other day that I observed a group of scantily-clad Dobermans making sexual overtones and carousing late at night outside a local nightclub.

Copyrighted © 2013 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 25, 2013

We the People Redux

It appears that some people don’t appreciate my opinion that the country is over and kaput because the tax consumers now outnumber the tax producers.  However, that is a hard cold reality that cannot be ignored, one that is driving us toward total collapse.  To make matters worse, the tax consumers have acquired a visceral hatred of the tax producers—spurred on by Barak Obama himself—and that fact is accelerating our decline.

It is all frightfully reminiscent of 1933-1945 Germany.  If you examine the hate-filled rhetoric from that period and substitute the word “rich” for the word “Jew,” there is not much difference in what is being said now by the Democrats than what was being said then by the Nazis.  One sector of a society cannot attack and destroy another sector and expect the society to survive, especially when the sector being attacked is the one holding up and supporting the whole society.  That is happening now, and that is why we are doomed.

So what can be done?  Well, I think it is time for a do-over—a national do-over.  This country needs to go back to its beginnings, literally.  We need to revert to our original Constitution and first 12 Amendments (i.e. Bill of Rights) and start over again.  Throw out Obama, all the dopes in Congress, all the federal judges, all the other amendments, laws, departments, bureaus, regulations, taxes—all of it.  Then we start again.  But this time we do so with the hindsight of where we went wrong the first time in order not to repeat the same mistakes. 

Some people might consider my proposal to be absurd.  But is it any more absurd than targeting and destroying the very people who are creating all the jobs and paying all the bills?

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 10, 2012

Deviants and Democrats Need Not Apply

There has been a lot of talk about how Republicans need to change their ideology in order to reach out to Democrat voters.  I recently had the opportunity to address that subject, and I will repeat it here.  First, however, it should be understood that Romney lost the popular vote because staunch conservatives stayed home in protest on Election Day, not because Republicans took the wrong stance on women and Hispanics issues.

Today’s Democrat Party, the one that reelected Obama, is comprised primarily of the following misfits and deviants: 1) bloodthirsty, predatory women who want the right to slaughter their preborn children at will; 2) Single women who want unbridled sex and government provided birth control; 3) homosexuals who want preferential treatment and acceptance of their immoral lifestyle; 4) dependent minorities who want their welfare checks, food stamps, Obama phones, etc.; 5) simple-minded union pawns who haven’t a clue and even less drive and ambition; and 6) atheists and secularists who want God removed from all aspects of government and society.

I’ve got breaking news for everyone: we don’t want these people.  They are not people who can endure and survive the economic and societal collapse that is coming, one they just ensured through their votes for Obama.  They are incapable of sustaining themselves after the collapse, and they will only be a burden on us as we set out to rebuild the nation.

In the aftermath, abortion will not save them.  Birth control will not save them.  Welfare will not save them.  Sex will not save them.  And a refusal or inability to think and act certainly will not save them.  God could save them, but I doubt He will.  All I know is that we won’t save them, and right now we don't want them or need them.    

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 8, 2012

We Are All New Jerseans Now

New Jersey needs to learn that elections have consequences.  Ironically, they complained about the lack of hurricane assistance while they marked their ballots for Obama.  I say, let them stew in their own Obama juices.  Their suffering will soon spread throughout the country because Hurricane Obama is poised to strike a fatal blow.  In that respect, we are all New Jerseans now.

It’s true; we are a divided nation, but we don’t need to come together—too late for that.  Rather, we need to construct a wall between the two sides.  We are plunging irreversibly into the abyss because there are now too many people who do not think or do not care.  Therefore, people who do think and do care should stop trying to save the others from themselves.  Such attempts only slow down the fall; they don’t stop it. 

This was an incredible nation while it lasted, but it’s over now.  Many of us embraced a vision of it that no longer exists.  It is time to let it go—both the vision and the nation.  It’s no longer our nation; it’s their nation.  Instead of exhausting ourselves trying to make it “our nation” again, we should withdraw and allow “their nation” to fail.  Let them suffer the consequences of their own choices and decisions.

Of course, we will share their fate, but we are more capable and better prepared to endure the aftermath.  We will be the ones to create a new nationa better nation—from the ashes after the collapse.  No need for battles or revolutions, they will destroy themselves with own ideas.   It begins with our efforts to help and protect those on our side and spurn and deprive those on the other side, and New Jersey is a good a place to start.

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 14, 2012

By the Numbers

Everyone is offering predictions about the presidential election outcome.  Now it’s my turn, and I intend to do it by the numbers.  Forget the poll numbers; I’m talking the election return numbers from four years ago. 

In 2008, Obama captured 53.69% of the combined Democrat and Republican votes and McCain got 46.31%.  There was an increased voter turnout of about 8 ½ million—all voting for Obama.  Republicans did not turn out, and many stayed home or voted for fringe candidates due to their disillusionment with McCain. 

This year, however, Democrats are the ones disillusioned, and they are not jazzed to rush out to cast another vote for someone they correctly view as a failure.  The Republicans and many Independents, on the other hand, are ready to claw their way to the polling place if necessary to vote Obama out of office.  Additionally, no one who voted for McCain in 2008 is going to vote for Obama this year. 

Therefore, it really boils down to those extra 8 ½ million who voted last time.  I’ll be generous to Obama and say that 50% of the 8 ½ million, composed mainly of one-issue minority voters, will again vote for him.  23%, composed of disillusioned minorities, won’t vote at all.  And 27%, composed of disgusted Independents, will switch their vote to Romney.  That produces a Romney victory where he gets 50.43% and Obama gets 49.57%, close but still a Romney victory.  If all those 8 ½ million just don’t vote, then the margin increases with Romney at 51.24% and Obama at 48.76%. 

Of course, I’m only talking the popular vote, and there is always the wildcard of the Electoral College and where those votes are located.  That is why I continue fighting for Mitt Romney every day as you should too.  

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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 September 6, 2012

Simple Truths

He is not yet president but Mitt Romney may have already saved America, and he did so by choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate.  That decision put Medicare front and center in the presidential debate. 

Medicare, one of the many ticking time bombs facing this country, is something politicians have been afraid to touch because of the lies that emanate from the mouths of Democrats whenever the subject is broached.  Paul Ryan was not afraid to address it in his recent budget proposal, but the truths he spoke were drowned out by Democrat and media lies.  But now the issue is part of a presidential debate, and Romney and Ryan can talk straight to the public about it without media distortion.  Finally, the truth will be told. 

And the truth is pretty simple and easy to understand.  Romney’s plan affects no one age 55 and over—no one.  For those folks, Medicare remains unchanged.  Those under 55 will now have a choice of plans of which Medicare will be one.  The introduction of competition among the plans will help hold down costs and make it all affordable.  Pretty simple. 

The only Democrat comeback—other than lies—is their claim that they will save Medicare until 2026.  If that is true, you better start saving your money if you plan on being 65 or older after that date because Medicare is going away and you will then be responsible for paying 100% of your medical costs.  That is a pretty simple truth too. 

As I said, Mitt Romney may have already saved America because he has forced this much needed debate and he has proposed a plan that protects freedom and choice.   And after all, isn’t freedom and choice what this country is all about?

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 18, 2012

The Joke

The joke goes like this.  So a clown gets up in front of a crowd and says, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  Oh, wait a minute.  That’s not a joke.  Barack Obama really said that to a group of people in Virginia.  Perhaps it is a joke—a joke on all of us.

That socialist rant by Obama could have been lifted directly from the pages of the novel,  Atlas Shrugged, in which Ayn Rand, having fled totalitarian socialism, wrote to warn us what happens if we allow ourselves to be misled by the Barack Obama-types in society, men of limited intelligence and no ability whose only purpose in life is to convince men of even less intelligence and ability to hold a gun to the heads of life’s achievers to make them surrender their genius and ability in support of the lazy and the corrupt.

In Rand’s book, the producers and achievers go on strike and society crumbles because it cannot exist without their innovation and genius.  The Barack Obamas of this world produce nothing and are not capable of producing anything.  They can’t even sustain their own lives without stealing something from someone else.  But Rand’s book ends on a positive note with the promise of a new Renaissance when the achievers will return and rebuild—but no such hope exists for us if the path of Obama is followed.

The upcoming election gives us a stark choice between the lazy and corrupt (Barack Obama) and the achiever (Mitt Romney).  The choice is stark and simple:  socialist slavery or economic freedom.  As Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”.

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 1, 2012

Robert's Rules of Disorder

On June 28th Chief Justice John Roberts gave away your freedom.  He didn’t have to do it.  He wanted to do it.  Whether he was bribed, threatened, or just plain stupid really doesn’t matter now.  What matters is that he did it and the country will suffer the consequences of his irrational, dimwitted pronouncement for decades and possibly centuries to come. 

Acting as Barack Obama’s stooge, John Roberts gave the federal government unlimited power to make you take any action or purchase any product it mandates by imposing a tax on you if you fail to do as you are told.  Prior to June 28th, the purpose of a tax was to generate revenue.  Now its purpose can be to punish and coerce you to do something you don’t want to do. 

And the sky’s the limit.  You will be taxed if you don’t buy the exact type of health care policy you are told to buy and soon you could be taxed if you don’t buy a hybrid car or install energy efficient windows or purchase and eat certain foods.  And you have John Roberts, Barack Obama, and all the Democrats currently in the House and Senate to thank for this loss of freedom.

This country came into existence over taxation issues.  The Tea Parties then and now have their roots in it.  And don’t kid yourselves; this is the type of thing that causes revolutions.  The first shot of that revolution was fired at Americans by John Roberts on June 28th, and return fire will commence this Election Day on November 6th.  This is not a good time in history to be a Democrat, especially a tax-raising, lying Democrat like Barack Obama and the congressmen who voted for Obamacare.  Are you listening Bob Casey?

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 30, 2012

Kentucky Fried Crabs

My friend and his wife recently related a story about when they began dating.  They both had young children—ages four to six—and they first brought them together on a weekend trip to the Maryland shore.  The father, a former Baltimore native, expressed to the kids his love of Maryland steamed crabs and his anticipation of returning to crab country.  

They spent most of their money on a hotel room and a trip to an amusement park, so they found themselves with only about enough money for gas to get home—definitely not enough to buy steamed crabs for which the children had begun clamoring. 

Since the children had never before eaten steamed crabs and had never been to Kentucky Fried Chicken, my friends made a quick dash through KFC and picked up a bunch of chicken thighs that they presented to the children as Maryland steamed crabs.  The kids loved them, and they never forgot the trip. 

Years later when they were grown, the children were fondly reminiscing about the time they first ate steamed crabs.  Hearing this, the mother blurted out, “Those weren’t crabs!  Those were chicken thighs!  Didn’t we ever tell you?”   

Outrage gripped the now-adult children and they verbally assailed their parents for being deceitful.  One of their best memories had become one of their worst, and no family get-together from that day forward passed without one of the kids bringing up the subject of how their rotten parents had lied to them. 

So what’s the point?  It’s simply that Americans are continually being told by Obama and the media how things are getting better and how Obama deserves to be reelected when, in fact, we know at a gut level that we are just being fed a false diet of Kentucky Fried Crabs. 

Copyrighted © 2012 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 25, 2011

Raising Cain

They’re at it again. We are heading into an election year and the news media are gearing up to pick the presidential candidates and ultimately the new president.  It’s a no-brainer that the leftwing media will again be promoting Barack Obama.  After all, the news media at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and NPR are just campaign outlets for the Democrat Party.  However, it is disturbing to learn that Fox News, the counter balance to the other media networks, has become the campaign arm of the Mitt Romney candidacy.  

But what about the people?  What about their preferences and desires?  Clearly they are not enthralled with Obama or Romney.  Actually, it is Herman Cain that has caught their attention.  It‘s his outsider status and business acumen along with his good natured demeanor, plainspoken manner, fresh new ideas, and true conservative ideology that has them excited.  But the peoples’ preferences have no bearing on what the news media want and who they’ve determined will become the president.  

Of course, when it comes to intellect and reason, the news media are populated with a bunch of bottom feeders and back benchers, so the general population should give no credence to what a news media outlet says or thinks about politics or a political candidate.  Where it might be okay to listen to them report an auto accident or give a weather report, their opinion about politics and candidates should be totally disregarded.  But they do wield a lot of power because they have a large megaphone. 

So what can a regular person do?  The easiest thing would be to turn off the news media and think for yourself—or at least turn down the volume when they start talking politics.  You can always turn the volume up later to hear tomorrow’s weather forecast.

Copyrighted © 2011 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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 April 8, 2011

Who is Donald Trump?

I didn’t see its original TV airing, but I managed to view it on the MSNBC website.  I’m referring to the TODAY show interview of Donald Trump by Meredith Vieira that featured something rarely seen these days—a highly successful businessman unapologetically proud of his abilities and success.  It was refreshing.  It was also very humorous. 

Meredith Vieira was totally unprepared and smacked more than once right between the eyes with unbridled truth.  I lost track of the number of times she had to mentally pick herself up off the floor.  Trump was in command of the interview, the situation, and everything around him.  Meredith was simply a casualty of his power and competence. 

She tried to make light of his presidential aspirations and it only allowed Trump the opportunity to demonstrate that he is the only one on the scene who can turn around our nation and stop our national decline.  She attempted to defend Obama but Trump sliced and diced him and his abysmal performance in office.  My high resolution computer monitor revealed Meredith’s torture in all its vividness—the tightness of the skin around her eyes, the strained smile, the bulging of the vein in her neck.  If she could have run screaming out of the room, she would have. 

Success and ability presented in such an unapologetic manner is rarely seen outside of history or literature, but in that interview Trump brought it clearly into the here and now.  His heroic demeanor seemed so appropriate here on the eve of the movie release of the prophetic Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged, that is replete with honest, heroic, and unapologetically successful characters that will soon have everyone once again asking the question Who is John Galt

The more important question, however, will be Who is Donald Trump?

Copyrighted © 2011 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 2, 2010

The Prize

The media are at it again.  They are hyping a story in which they play a major role in the cover up.  Why would they do such a thing and risk exposing their own complicity?  It can only mean that the prize is worth the risk, and the prize is nothing less that the destruction of the Catholic Church and traditional standards of morality. 

When you read or hear the media’s relentless assaults on the Pope and the Catholic Church regarding the misconduct of a few priests, something becomes strikingly evident when the gender of the victims is revealed: male, male, male…  Do I detect a pattern here?  Missing from the accounts is the identification of any female victims. 

The print and broadcast media like to use code words like pedophilia and child sexual abuse, and they use them incessantly in the hope that you will too.  However, these code words are just a cover up for the real problem that existed at the time—homosexual priests.  Because of political correctness and the mores of the time, the church, in an effort to be tolerant, turned a blind eye and allowed into the priesthood homosexual men who then did what some homosexual men do—they attempted to recruit adolescent and teenage boys.   

The church knows the root problem and has quietly taken steps to correct it by stopping the influx of homosexual men into the priesthood and dealing with the ones already there.  Unfortunately, the church is still too concerned about political correctness—as demonstrated by its embrace of the global warming hoax—and it is afraid to be too open in how it is addressing the real underlying problem.  In the meantime, the media continue their assault and their cover up of the homosexual connection in the whole affair.

 Copyrighted © 2010 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 21, 2010

Les Misérables

As an old song’s lyrics suggest, What a difference a day makes.  The complete reversal of fortunes of the Democrat Party in one day due to the revolution that occurred in Massachusetts with the election of the Republican, Scott Brown, to the U.S. Senate is akin to the French peasants rolling the guillotine into the palace courtyard of Louis XVI to make short order of all the French nobility.  

For months, the imperial Democrat aristocracy in Congress and their narcissistic king in the White House ignored the wishes of us average Americans--“peasants” in their eyes—and they did whatever they wished.  They disparaged us as “tea-baggers,” laughed at our attempts to be heard, and made deals behind closed doors designed to enrich themselves and bankrupt us.  And when they were done taking our money, they set out to destroy the only thing we had left—our health. 

But then that fateful day arrived in Massachusetts when the peasants marched into the public square, guillotine in tow, and the once great Democrat nobility headed for the exits.  Nancy Pelosi, our own Marie-Antoinette, changed her tune and began promising more moderation and an abandonment of her assault on the American healthcare system.  Even our dunce king, Obama I, is now backtracking and trying to make nicey-nice with the peasantry.  It’s strange how the cold tempered steel of the guillotine blade quickly changes attitudes and outlooks. 

Can Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the other Democrat elitists adhere to their new centrist pledges?  It’s doubtful.  They are too filled with arrogance and a sense of privilege that they can’t help but revert to their old ways.  But we won’t have to deal with them long.  The November elections are right around the corner and the guillotine stands at the ready.  Chomp.  Chomp.

 Copyrighted © 2010 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 14, 2009

The Fifth Jihadist

The White House has announced that Kalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, and his four co-conspirators will be tried in a civilian court in New York City with all the legal rights and privileges granted U.S. citizens.  But what of the fifth co-conspirator?   

Admittedly, the fifth co-conspirator was a Johnny-come-lately to the whole terrorism affair, but he has proven himself a very able jihadist as he continues the mayhem that began eight years ago in those burning buildings and scorched field.  In fact, he has been so adept at jihad that he has caused the devastation of 9/11 to swell beyond the borders of New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. to touch every life and engulf every corner of our country. 

Trying these terrorists in U.S. civilian court is a travesty, and the trials will simply become a left-wing anti-American circus and a boost for Islamic terrorism worldwide.  But the biggest travesty is that the fifth co-conspirator—Barack Hussein Obama—goes scot-free and gets to continue the jihad against our great nation.

 Copyrighted © 2009 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 2, 2009

The Marx Brothers

The Marx Brothers are at it again.  No, I’m not talking about Groucho, Chico, and Harpo.  I’m referring to their latest incarnation: Hugo, Castro, and Baracko—the leaders of Venezuela, Cuba, and the United States.  These clowns never pass up an opportunity to voice their support of socialist Marxist’s regimes, and now they are all outraged that a fellow Marxist, Manuel Zelaya, has been ousted from the presidency of Honduras and booted out of the country. 

The news media and the Marx Brothers like to refer to Zelaya as the democratically elected leader of Honduras.  What they fail to mention is that he is also the democratically ousted leader of Honduras.   

It wasn’t a coup d’etat that sent Zelaya packing; it was a courageous and legal act of patriotism on the part of the Honduran Congress and the Honduran Supreme Court that banished Zelaya in order to save their country from creeping totalitarianism.  As the duly elected representatives of the people of Honduras, the Congress, in concert with the Supreme Court, instructed the Honduran military to remove Zelaya in order to protect the country and its constitution from a would-be dictator who was attempting his own coup d’etat from within the presidency. 

It is understandable that the Marx Brothers would feel threatened by such bold action to quell a Marxist take-over in a neighboring country, especially Baracko, the despot-in-waiting, who has yet to cement as much control here as have his Marxist brothers in their own countries.  But I don’t think Baracko really has much to fear. 

Unfortunately, the United States Congress and Supreme Court are not as concerned about protecting our constitution and country as are their counterparts in Honduras.  If they were, I’d sleep a lot easier and Baracko would be the one worrying about his future.

Copyrighted © 2009 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 22, 2009

The Warrior and the Wimp

It’s good to know someone is still looking out for us.  Amid the adolescent chaos that is the Obama administration, it is very reassuring to finally see an adult step forward and dress down the irresponsible toddlers who have put our nation in jeopardy.  That adult is former Vice-President Dick Cheney, and it is sure good to have him back.  

Dick Cheney gave a talk the other day on national security, and his well measured words and insightful warnings still have Barack Obama scrambling for a cogent response—or rather scrambling to read a cogent response written for him by someone else.  

Obama attempted to outflank Cheney by quickly scheduling his own speech immediately before Cheney’s planned talk, but it was a hollow attempt that fell flat.  As is normally the case, Obama simply appeared like a ventriloquist’s mannequin turning his head from side to side while someone else put words into his mouth via a teleprompter.  This time, however, the words mattered—he couldn’t get by on just cool looks and American Idol charisma—and the words he spoke were vacant, shallow, and dangerous. 

Cheney, on the other hand, spoke from the heart and spoke what Americans know to be true.  He spelled out how we have been kept safe all these years because of the actions of adults like him who made our safety their number one priority.  And he went on to chastise the children now in charge of the country for their naiveté and their failure to take national security seriously.  By the end of the speech, Obama and his flunkies were “Twittering” each other hoping someone could come up with a reasoned rebuttal to Cheney.  No one could. 

It’s good to have an adult on the scene again.  We could use a few more. 

Copyrighted © 2009 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 11, 2009


In November 2006, an email circulated the Internet that addressed the political and economic situation in the United States at the time the Republicans were voted out of power in Congress and the Democrats were installed.  The Democrats had run on a slogan of Change and a New Direction.  Sound familiar? 

Many read and deleted the email thinking it was just Republican sour grapes.  I, however, noting the prescience of the email, saved it in order to see how things turned out.  Perhaps it’s now time to revisit and review it.   

Here is the situation the email described in November 2006.  The stock market was at an all-time high.  Unemployment was at a 25 year low and the nation had reached virtual full employment.  Oil prices were low.  Taxes were at a 20 year low.  Money was pouring into the treasury and federal revenues were at an all-time high.  The federal deficit was down 50% over the previous year.  Home valuations were up 200% over the previous 3 ½ years.  Inflation was in check and hovering at a 20 year low.  And there hadn’t been a single terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11/01.   

The email ended by asking what change the Democrats wish to institute and what new direction they wished to take the nation.  I guess we’ve learned the answer to both those questions.  As was recently revealed, it only took 12 months—by December 2007—for them to squander everything and drive the economy into a recession.  And now, working in concert with the clueless Obama in the White House, the Democrat Congress is moving at full speed to drive us into a depression.  Now that’s change we can’t believe in!   

I guess the only question left to ask Democrat and Republican voters alike is a simple one.  Had enough?

Copyrighted © 2009 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 20, 2009

Hope for the Dope 

Shortly after returning from Russia, a friend described for me the attitude of the Russian people regarding alcohol.  Drinking in Russia is expected and very much a part of everyday life—on and off the job.  The Russian people don’t frown upon drinking, even heavy drinking, but they have no acceptance of someone who can’t hold his liquor.  That was one of their problems with Boris Yeltsen.  They didn’t mind his being a drunk; they just didn’t want him showing it. 

In a way, the American news media have a similar perception problem with Barack Obama.  They expect dishonesty from a Democrat—who doesn’t?—but what they really don’t like to see is his display of ineptitude.  Unfortunately, that’s all they are seeing coming from the Obama White House, and it’s starting to annoy them.  I expected the ineptness based solely on his lack of qualifying experience for an executive job, but I really did not expect the level of incompetence I am seeing.  I’ve noticed that Jimmy Carter walks with a spring in his step these days knowing that there is finally a president more inept than he was. 

Although the news media can see Obama’s ineptness (even if they don’t report it), I wonder if it has broken through the consciousness of the average Obama voter.  I remember watching the inauguration and wondering how they were going to get all those people back into the asylums.  Then I was in Ft. Myers the day before Obama’s town hall meeting and it hit me—they didn’t go back to the asylums!   

Despite my knowledge of the abject ignorance of the Obama supporter, I still have hope.  Yes, I am inspired with Obama “hope” because with each blunder, misstep, and stammer, I’m hopeful that he will fail and fail miserably. 

Copyrighted © 2009 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 23, 2009

Home Alone

We are a nation at risk, more so now than we’ve been in seven years.  When the Bush administration left office on January 20th, the last adult departed the Whitehouse and left us on our own.  We are now destined to be leaderless for the next four years—not a good situation for a nation at war. 

Some say, “Never fear; we have Obama!”  But that’s just what should strike fear into the heart of any sane American.  When national security problems arise, which they inevitably will, I’m sure Obama’s actions will be swift and decisive.  But I take no solace in the knowledge his actions will amount to no more than striking the terrorists with his purse.  His initial actions in office have already weakened us, and our nation’s enemies are absolutely giddy about their prospects over the next four years. 

Things are no better on the economic front where his naïve, childish ideas doom us to bleak economic times.  He has a message of hope, but my only hope is that our nation survives.  On inauguration day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank to a 14-year low on the speculation of Obama’s wrongheaded ideas, the worst inauguration day drop in history.  The message from Wall Street was loud and clear: Yes we can’t! 

Many claimed that Bush was too much of a cowboy, but at least a cowboy wades into the fray and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.  Now we have a metrosexual president who is more concerned about looking good and playing the “role” of president than being a wartime leader.  His well manicured hands will never get dirty.  And in the meantime, our nation’s enemies continue their work with active hands to destroy our country and our way of life.    

Copyrighted © 2009 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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 December 23, 2008

Liberal Quiz

Many people these days are bemoaning their plight or the plight of others they know.  They have surrendered to the pessimistic group-think surrounding the economy and are taking great delight in handwringing and finger pointing.  Unfortunately, their finger pointing has grossly missed the mark and needs to be turned 180°. 

Recently, someone used his two sons to make the point to me that George Bush was responsible for the failing economy.  He said that one son was being laid off for five days without pay and the other would be taking a pay cut in the upcoming year.  My response to him and any others of his mindset involves two questions.  Question 1: Did you vote for Democrats in the 2006 congressional election?  Question 2:  Did you vote for Barak Obama in the 2008 presidential election?  If the answers to those two questions are yes, then you deserve your plight and perhaps you’ll learn a lesson from it. 

Admittedly, that sounds a little harsh, but such is life.  My sympathy in these situations is reserved for those who answer no to the questions because it was the Democrat Congress that brought about the circumstances of this recession and it is Barack Obama who will use those circumstances to plunge us into a depression.  Those who voted for Democrats and Obama are the ones who threw gasoline on the fire and they deserve to get burned.  Those who did not vote for Democrats and Obama are simply victims of situations they could not prevent. 

Ironically, it is those true victims that don’t need my sympathy—and don’t want it.  They are the positive, confident, and capable ones that will use their self-reliance to pull us out of whatever mire we find ourselves as a result of Obama and his hapless followers.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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December 10, 2008

The Big One

It’s time to say goodbye to the Big Three: GM, Ford, and Chrysler.  Instead, say hello to the Big One: The Peoples Automobile Company.  That’s right.  For a sum of cash, the once great automakers are selling out their companies and selling their souls to the federal government.  Government, that can’t do anything right, will now be manufacturing our cars—cars no one wants and won’t buy. 

Although I knew it wouldn’t happen, I longed to see the Big Three executives fly into Washington on their corporate jets and march into Congress to lay down the law in cold and blunt terms.  No groveling.  No begging.  Just an honest explanation of how governmental interference in their businesses had brought them to this end—with the emphasis on the word “end.”   

With that said, I wanted them to march out and take action to immediately shut down their American operations in order to concentrate on their profitable overseas markets where they are able to make and sell cars people want and will buy—cars that cannot be sold in the United States because of irrational laws, idiotic fuel standards, and a host of other bureaucratic obstacles.   

Had my scenario played out, it wouldn’t have been long before Congress would be groveling at their feet, begging them to reopen the American plants with pledges of reduced corporate taxes, elimination of the fuel economy standards, and whatever else necessary to bring them back.  But alas, that didn’t happen.  Instead, we were subjected to the embarrassing spectacle of impotent men afraid of their own shadows rather than business leaders in charge of their own destiny. 

This spring I will be purchasing a new car, and it most certainly won’t be from one of the groveling auto executives or The Peoples Automobile Company.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 5, 2008

Snow Day

I thought I’d feel some sense of anxiety about the outcome of the presidential election, but I was oddly at peace.  My only feeling was that of amusement at the reveling of the Obama supporters.  It was the amusement of an adult observing a child dance around in triumph when school is canceled after a large snowfall because the adult knows full well that the snow day will be made up on a sunny day in June when the child won’t be so triumphant. 

The day after the election there were a lot of triumphant children dancing in the streets over Barack Obama.  He promised to seize their private pension plans, and they danced in the streets.  He promised to reduce their income through higher taxes, and they danced in the streets.  He bragged that he would leave them unemployed by bankrupting the coal industry, and they danced in the streets.  He promised to abort their children, and they danced in the streets.  He promised to leave them vulnerable by gutting the military, and they danced in the streets.  He promised them Marxism, and still they danced in the streets.

It all reminded me of one of my favorite movie lines from the film Gladiator.  In the scene, the Roman senator, Gracchus, speaks about the oppressive emperor who is lauded by the people of Rome simply because he provides them amusement and entertainment through games in the Coliseum.  Gracchus is referencing the emperor and the Roman people but he could just as easily be talking about Obama and his voters when he says: “I think he knows what Rome is.  Rome is the mob.  Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted.  Take away their freedom and still they'll roar.  He’ll bring them death—and they will love him for it.”

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 20, 2008

Spreading the Hate Around

It’s a known fact that Barack Obama hates Christians, sportsmen, and Pennsylvanians.  We know because of what he said to his elite Democrat friends in San Francisco in describing Pennsylvanians as bitterly clinging to guns and religion.  And now one of his major supporters, Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, has declared western Pennsylvania a racist area.  I guess Pennsylvanians are what Obama means when he refers to “typical white people.” 

It’s not enough that Obama hates Pennsylvanians, now he’s extending his loathing across the state line into Ohio.  His target this time is not a class of people but one person in particular.  He’s decided that he wants to destroy one individual Ohioan, an average guy—a plumber—who had the audacity to ask him a question and then challenge his answer. 

The plumber is Joe Wurzelbacher who did what others in the media have refused to do.  He asked a relevant question causing Obama to reveal his deeply entrenched Marxist core.  In addition, Joe got Obama to say what he really thinks of taxpayers and admit his intention to take our money and “spread the wealth around.”  I guess we can add taxpayers to the list of Christians, sportsmen, Pennsylvanians, and plumbers as people Obama hates. 

Joe may be an average guy, but he understands what Obama’s plans mean to his hopes and dreams.  He has learned also what happens to anyone who dares challenge socialist Democrat ideology.  If Obama is so willing to destroy a plumber in Ohio and attack Christians and sportsmen in Pennsylvania, just think what he has in store for the rest of us. 

He may say he wants to spread the wealth around, but what he’s really doing is spreading the hate around—and Obama and Democrats have a lot of hate to spread.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 16, 2008

Church Politics

In a letter that appeared in the October 11, 2008 edition of the Pittsburgh Catholic, Bishop David A. Zubik talked about the upcoming election.  Unfortunately, he came off sounding like a typical politician—lots of fluff and no substance. 

His bottom line was this: The right to life is a foundational principle, and abortion and euthanasia cannot be viewed as merely two issues among many in determining how to vote; however, don’t let them be so foundational that they take precedence over other issues.  Huh?  That’s a dodge and obfuscation that would make even Barack Obama proud.  

An accompanying article by Sister Mary Ann Walsh, Media Relations Director for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, was even worse.  In it she outlined all the sacred “rights” that must be protected through our vote, rights I didn’t even know existed—rights to health care, jobs, income, unions, immigration, etc.  It seems she forgot about the rights to a sports car, fancy home, and flat screen TV!   

But we all know that there is only one “right” germane to this election and that is the right to life.  It is from the right to life that all the other designer “rights” flow.  And without the right to life, all societal rights, privileges, and responsibilities are moot.  A candidate who is grounded in a right to life can be trusted with other social concerns, but a candidate who has disdained the right to life—and in Barack Obama’s case even supported infanticide—is not morally grounded and cannot be trusted with any issue that affects any of us inside or outside the womb. 

Many years ago, a young man named John courageously stood up and told a king named Herod that his personal actions were immoral despite the fact that Herod was then building a new aqueduct for the city that was helping the downtrodden, improving lives, providing needed services, and employing immigrants.  John lost his head over it, but he prepared the way for the rest of us.  Now we all need to follow his lead and take a similar courageous stand for life, Bishop Zubik and Sister Walsh included. 

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 1, 2008

Kitchen Politics

The message in Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in Denver the other night was very subtle yet very clear:  Woman, get back in the kitchen and cook my dinner!   

The Obama Democrats have been very glib in their handling of the whole Hillary Clinton affair.  They “dissed” her for president, and then they turned around and “dissed” her for vice-president.  And they didn’t care what the women in their party thought about it.  Their message to Hillary supporters was unmistakable:  Woman, get back in the kitchen and cook my dinner!   

As they had done so many times in the past, Democrat women then dropped their heads and unceremoniously trudged back into the kitchen to do the bidding of Obama and his surrogates.  But something unexpected happened the very next day.   

Around noon, women around the country stuck their heads out of the kitchen just long enough to hear John McCain announce his vice-presidential pick, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.  Now they are torn.  Do they adhere to the dictates of their Democrat masters, or do they declare their independence and support one of their own?   

Come Election Day I doubt we’ll find the women of America in the kitchen cooking dinner for Barack Obama.  Instead, we’ll find them in the election booth voting for John McCain and Sara Palin.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 28, 2008

The Black Dukakis

Recently, Barack Obama has begun making an issue of his race.  He is fond of saying that he doesn’t look like other presidential candidates that have come before him—a direct reference to his race.  I and others would have to disagree.  He looks an awfully lot like previous Democrat candidates.   

Some people think he is the black Jimmy Carter with Carter’s doltish liberal intellect and hatred of America.  Some think he is the black Al Gore with Gore’s deranged environmental alarmism and rambling incoherence when it comes to addressing the nation’s need to produce and develop its own oil resources.  

Still others would maintain he is the black John Kerry with Kerry’s elitist superior attitude and total disdain of average Americans.  And you could find others who would claim he is the black Walter Mondale with Mondale’s total ignorance of free market capitalism and his pledge to raise taxes on Americans. 

Of course, there are those who would adamantly maintain he is the black George McGovern with McGovern’s antiwar antics and advocacy of American military defeat, retreat, and surrender.  And there is an argument to be made that he is the black Bill Clinton with Clinton’s inability to tell the truth and need to pass off the blame to anyone but himself. 

But despite those applicable comparisons, if you were to ask me, I’d have to say that Obama is better described by the total liberal package of ignorance and incompetence that was Michael Dukakis.  And we all remember the dismal outcome of the Dukakis presidential campaign. 

Simply put, Barack Obama is the black Dukakis.     

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 13, 2008

Liberal IQ

After a six-week convalescence, I began driving again and learned how much the price of gasoline has increased.  I love it!  Despite a 120 mile round-trip daily work commute, I get excited when the price of gas goes up because I hold out hope that it will lead to a corresponding rise in the IQ of liberal Americans. 

Logic dictates that if liberals must pay out their noses for gas, they will make an effort to learn why it costs what it does.  With that realization, they will then take steps to help lower the price.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be working because they still recite their ignorant litany of reasons for the high gas prices:  Bush, Cheney, Big Oil, Halliburton, space aliens, etc. 

There is one cause for high gas prices and one cause alone—supply and demand.  And there is only one solution to high gas prices—America must drill and refine its own oil.  Period.  If liberals could just understand those two basic truths, their IQs would increase dramatically and we would be well on the way to lower gas prices and energy independence. 

But their IQs are not rising and so they prevent us from drilling for oil in Alaska, the Dakotas, Montana, off the continental shelves, and in the Gulf of Mexico—areas that could provide us with all the oil we need well into the future.  Instead, they sit back and line the pockets of the OPEC nations while complaining about our dependency on Arab oil and the price of gasoline in the United States. 

I’m not sure of the amount, but there is a gasoline price tag out there high enough to cause a considerable uptick in the IQ of liberals.  We may be on course to learning just what that is.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 15, 2008

Recycled Lies

The recent visit of Pope Benedict XVI has allowed the political left and the mainstream news media to recycle one of their favorite lies: pedophile priests in the Catholic Church.  As they did when the church scandal first broke, the left and the media continue to avoid the truth when reporting this issue. 

Pedophilia was never a problem in the Catholic Church.  That was just the term applied to it by those who could not admit the real issue to themselves or to the public.  The real problem was homosexual priests recruiting teenage boys.  Had the problem been pedophilia, young girls would have been paraded out as victims, but that wasn’t the case.  The victims were all boys in their mid to late teenage years. 

Many will not admit that fact because they see nothing wrong with homosexuality.  Ironically, they insist that homosexual scout leaders be allowed unbridled access to America’s youth, and they are quick to chastise anyone who takes steps to prevent that access.  Also, they lie to us and to themselves by reporting that homosexual men do not recruit young, impressionable teenagers.  The fact is they do recruit, and what transpired with the homosexual priests is proof of that fact. 

The real scandal in the Catholic Church was that church leaders turned a blind eye to the number of homosexual men infiltrating the priesthood.  It was these homosexual men who then made overtures to the impressionable teenage boys under their charge.  Fortunately, the church has now revamped its screening process for prospective priests and has weeded out many who should not have been ordained. 

But the political left and the news media will continue to push the pedophilia lie because they hate the Catholic Church and they don’t want to offend their friends in the homosexual community.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 7, 2008


Remember the movie Terminator?  It tells the story of a time in the future when machines rise up and attempt to destroy the very humanity that created them.  Then after decades of war, and on the eve of losing the war, the machines find a way to send one of their own—a terminator—back into the past to kill the person responsible for leading the humans to victory over them.  A good story line, but it doesn’t have anything to do with reality.  Or does it? 

Here in the reality of the present day, we see the story line of Terminator taking shape and playing out in the political landscape right before our very eyes.  The political machine in the Republican Party has risen up, and it is systematically attempting to destroy the very thing that formed and created the modern-day Republican Party—conservatism.  Its weapon is a liberal terminator in the form of John McCain who, like the movie terminator, appears unstoppable using conventional weapons.  

Now he is even attempting to reach back into the past and destroy the founder of the modern-day Republican Party—Ronald Reagan.  By attempting to link himself with Reagan and claiming that they have identical values and beliefs, he hopes to undermine the philosophical underpinnings of conservatism.  But it won’t work.

In the movie, the terminator is himself terminated, and in the real world, the same fate awaits John McCain.  Come November, he will be relegated to the ash heap of history where he belongs.  Then, after his defeat in November and four years of socialist drift brought to us by incompetent Democrat leadership, a new, revitalized—and conservative—Republican Party will emerge to once again claim its rightful place as the true protector of individual freedom.

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 27, 2008

Mr. President

He’s bright.  He’s articulate.  He’s attractive.  He’s experienced.  And he’s extremely qualified.  He’s the worst nightmare of Democrats and the news media.  He’s Mitt Romney.  And both the Democrats and the media know he will be the next president of the United States if he gets the Republican Party’s nomination.  Therefore, through lies and obfuscation, they will do whatever is necessary to prevent his nomination. 

That won’t be easy for them because of Romney’s resume.  He was an incredibly successful businessman and he was also a competent and successful governor.  Therefore, he brings to the office a broad understanding of business and government, something this country desperately needs. 

The dirty little secret is that both the Democrats and the news media know that there are only three candidates qualified to become the chief executive of the United States (i.e. Romney, Huckabee, and Guiliani), and Romney is the most qualified of the three.  The Democrat stable of candidates is completely devoid of any executive experience or qualification, and the Democrats and media know this.  That is why they are desperately trying to push McCain as the Republican nominee who is as deeply flawed and unqualified as the Democrat candidates. 

But besides being unqualified, John McCain is not a real Republican, and he will not get the nomination no matter how much the media tries to force him down our throats.  But that doesn’t mean they will give up.  They will try to boost McCain by destroying Romney, and they will call Romney every name in the book to try and damage him.  But regardless of the names they call him, there is one name they will eventually have to utter when speaking of Mitt Romney next January, and that name is Mr. President. 

Copyrighted © 2008 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 18, 2007

Wish List

Christmas is approaching, and it’s time to compose that wish list to send to Santa.  So what will al-Qaeda ask for this year?  I think it’s obvious: 1) America’s surrender in Iraq; 2) the pulling of American troops out of Iraq; and 3) freedom for al-Qaeda to plan attacks on the American homeland without interference from the American military and intelligence services.   

And what will Democrats ask Santa for this year?  Again, it’s fairly obvious: 1) America’s surrender in Iraq; 2) the pulling of American troops out of Iraq; and 3) freedom for al-Qaeda to plan attacks on the American homeland without interference from the American military and intelligence services.  It’s getting harder and harder to draw distinctions between the philosophies of al-Qaeda and the Democrats.  

Unfortunately, if the Democrats get their wish, it won’t be coal that America gets in its Christmas stocking this year; it will more likely be a severed head or a roadside bomb.  But don’t be frightened or disheartened because Democrats won’t get their wish.  Despite the fact they have abandoned our fighting youth by refusing to provide the military with the financial support it needs; our troops are being victorious and have almost driven al-Qaeda completely out of Iraq. 

Now we must take action to complete the victory by endeavoring to drive the Democrats completely out of Washington.  But let’s face it.  We will never truly be rid of Islamic religious extremists as we will never truly be rid of Democrat political extremists.  All we can do is keep our collective foot on their throats and never give them room to breathe.

Copyrighted © 2007 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 8, 2007

Web of Lies

It began as a series of individual lies told by Joseph Wilson about the president, vice-president, and Iraq .  It then became a symphony of lies that recruited even more liars: Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame; Tim Russert from Meet the Press; Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald; and almost the entire American news media.  In the end, the only one who really appeared to tell the truth was Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Mr. Cheney’s chief-of-staff, and ironically, he was the one convicted of lying.  

As a part of a witch hunt, the gang of liars set their sights on Mr. Libby because he had had the audacity to expose the lies of Joseph Wilson, a beloved figure to the American Left.  They set upon him with all the lies they could muster, and they found sympathetic accomplice in the form of a special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald.   

It’s hard to imagine anyone being a bigger liar than Joe Wilson, but Fitzgerald gave him a run for his money.  Fitzgerald lied to the public prior to the Libby trial, lied to the jury during the trial, and continued lying after the trial.  Of course, the media perpetuated his lies and those of Joseph Wilson, and it continues to do so today.  And let’s not forget the judge in the trial.  He permitted the lies and used his position to block the introduction of truth into his courtroom.  

As I said before, Mr. Libby is the only one in this whole travesty who appeared to tell the truth, and unfortunately, he is the one going to jail.  If this isn’t a wake-up call to conservatives and Republicans of the need to stand up against the tyranny of left-wing ideology and the dishonesty that permeates the news media and the Democrat Party, I don’t know what is.

Copyrighted © 2007 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 19, 2006

Black Hearts

I went on vacation immediately after the mid-term election, and I was wearing my “Lynn Swann for Governor” hat.  Although the election is over, I like the hat and continue to wear it.  

When someone unfamiliar with our governor’s race asked if the candidate had won, I told him that Pennsylvania is a Democrat state, and unfortunately, white Democrats don’t vote for blacks.  He looked aghast at my claim and pointed out that there are elected black politicians.  In response, I offered a further explanation.

Of the few elected black officials out there, they tend to come from smaller electoral regions where the population of blacks is greater, such as congressional districts like Harlem.  In these smaller regions, black Democrats in combination with white and black Republicans can overcome the vote of white Democrats.  

The problem arises when you increase the electoral region to the size of a state that diminishes the overall concentration of blacks.  As a result, you see more black members in the U.S. House of Representatives than you do in the U.S. Senate, of which there is currently one and only because of an odd situation where no white candidate was running.  

Michael Steele in Maryland—one of the most impressive candidates this season—almost became the second black senator; however, he ran into the white Democrat wall as did Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania and Ken Blackwell in Ohio.  Instead, Maryland elected a white Democrat senator who, like Bob Casey Jr. in Pennsylvania, has trouble putting together two coherent sentences.

In the pro-life movement, it is often said that the real challenge is to change the hearts of the abortion advocates.  Perhaps, in the effort to elect more black candidates, work must be done to change the hearts of white Democrats, if they even have hearts.

Copyrighted © 2006 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 22, 2006

Axis of Evil

Is it possible to be a Democrat and still be an American?  Likewise, is it possible to be a member of the major news media and remain an American?  Years ago such questions would have been deemed outrageous, but today they are legitimate questions in light of the behavior of both the Democrat Party and the American news media.

Shortly after the attacks of 9/11, President Bush defined the Axis of Evil that included North Korea , Iran , and Iraq .  But now I think we need to update the definition.  Today I’d define the Axis of Evil as al-Qaeda, the American news media, and the Democrat Party—each axis member committed to the total defeat of America at any cost, and each member working independently to help the other two.

With the approach of the mid-term elections, al-Qaeda has stepped up its attacks in Iraq to dishearten the American people and help elect Democrats.  The news media have misreported the war on terror (and everything else) to elect Democrats and aid al-Qaeda.  Democrats have pledged to cut and run in Iraq to regain their own political power and secure a victory for al-Qaeda.  It’s a scenario in which all three Axis members emerge victorious and America suffers a brutal defeat.  And it all hinges on the belief that America no longer has the stomach to defend America .  

So does America have the stomach to defend America?  I guess we’ll learn the answer to that on Election Day.  Al-Qaeda, the Democrats, and the news media are all betting that it doesn’t.  I’m betting that it does.  On which side do you fall?  Your vote on November 7th will provide that answer.

Copyrighted © 2006 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 30, 2006

Kill the Jews

They speak with one voice, and their message comes through loud and clear:  Kill the Jews!  No, I’m not talking about Hezbollah and Hamas.  I’m talking about the United Nations, the mainstream news media, and liberals in general.  

On June 7, 1981, Israel saved the world when it destroyed Iraq’s nuclear plants and disrupted the Iraqi nuclear weapons program.  An ungrateful world’s reaction was predictable:  Kill the Jews!  Now Israel finds itself in another situation where it must again step forward and attempt to save the world.  Once again, the reaction of an ungrateful world is predictable:  Kill the Jews!

Fortunately, Israel knows how to deal with the anti-Semitic hatred and attacks coming from of the likes of the U.N. and the liberal news media.  And it does so with rockets and an overwhelming military force aimed at the perpetrators of world discord and terror, the diabolical Hezbollah and its enablers, Iran and Syria.

In end, Israel may again save the world.  And while it is saving the world, we will be forced to endure an unrelenting chorus of “Kill the Jews” sung by an ungrateful world and led by the U.N. and the liberal news media.  

People often wonder why I so detest the United Nations, mainstream news media, and liberal ideology.  The answer is clear.  It’s their message:  Kill the Jews!

Copyrighted © 2006 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 12, 2006

Death of Islam

As I watch Muslims commit murder and violently demonstrate in the streets over what they view as the humiliation of Islam through the publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed, I am struck by the dichotomy with another religion.  

537 years before Mohammed was even born, another religious leader was held up in ridicule by means of one of the most humiliating methods of that time—crucifixion.  But instead of resorting to murder and violence, his followers turned the tables and did something that totally baffled and eventually disarmed their opponents.  They embraced the symbol of humiliation and turned it into the peaceful symbol of their religion.  And from that day forward, the cross became the symbol of Christianity. 

Islam would do well to take a lesson from Christianity, but it won’t.  It can’t.  Unfortunately, Islam is stuck in the 12th century.  It inherently believes that it can prevail through violence, murder, and intimidation, but that path will inevitably lead to its own destruction.  Civilized society of the 21st century has been as tolerant as can be expected despite the beheadings, bombings, and uncivilized prodding of militant Muslims and the silent approval of the rest of Islam; however, even a civilized society will reach its breaking point.  And when it does, watch out. 

The 12th century seems dead set on having an ultimate battle with the 21st century with all the death and destruction it can muster.  And when this Super Bowl of civilization takes place, the smart money is on the 21st century.  What we may be witnessing here is the death of Islam.  And unfortunately for Muslims, they appear to be the ones promoting their own demise. 

Copyrighted © 2006 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 30, 2005

Elephant in the Room

The indictments have been issued in the CIA leak investigation, and it appears that Lewis “Scooter” Libby, has been accused of having lied about not having committed a crime that wasn’t committed and wasn’t a crime. 

Got that?  No?  Well then let me repeat it.  Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has accused Mr. Libby of having lied about not having committed a crime that wasn’t committed and wasn’t a crime. 

If you’re having trouble following that pretzel logic, congratulations, you’re a sane, rational human being living outside of the Capitol beltway.  Only in Washington do they think in such terms. 

One of the most disturbing things about Mr. Fitzgerald’s investigation is that it took him two years to come up with such convoluted charges.  In reality, the investigation should have lasted no more than five minutes because that’s how long it takes to learn that Valerie Plame, CIA employee and wife of Joseph Wilson, was not a covert agent and hadn’t been a covert agent for more than five years.  Therefore, according to the law, it was legal to tell anyone her name and where she worked.  That’s the elephant in the room that Mr. Fitzgerald and the press have been trying to ignore. 

Instead of ending his investigation when he first bumped into the elephant, Mr. Fitzgerald dragged it along for two years until he could manufacture a crime.  And even in that, he failed miserably.  But what would you expect?  He’s a government lawyer, and by definition, he’s not the cream of the crop. 

As such, Mr. Libby should have little trouble proving his innocence.  After all, there’s still that elephant in the room.  You can’t miss it.  It’s sitting next the other elephant, the one that exposes Joseph Wilson’s lies that were the impetus for this whole fiasco.

Copyrighted © 2005 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 23, 2005

Snobs and Elitists

President Bush summed it up very well when he commented on the “chatter” circulating about Harriet Myers, his nominee for the Supreme Court.  I have to agree.  There is a lot of chatter out there—ignorant, hysterical, elitist chatter—and much of it centers on the allegation that Ms. Myers lacks the intellectual capacity to interpret the Constitution.  

The Constitution with its preamble and amendments consists of approximately 8,000 words.  Contrary to popular belief, interpreting an 8,000-word document is not that difficult.  It’s definitely not brain surgery, and it doesn’t require an intellectual elitist to figure out what it means.  After all, it was written by common men, most of whom were farmers. 

In fact, it has been the intellectual elitists on the Supreme Court that have bastardized the Constitution over the years.  The intellectual elitists were the ones that gave us the Roe v. Wade Decision where they said the Constitution endorses the killing of unborn children.  The intellectual elitists were the ones that gave us the Dred Scott Decision where they said the Constitution endorses slavery.  And most recently, the intellectual elitists were the ones that gave us the Kelo v. New London, Connecticut Decision where they said the Constitution endorses the unbridled taking of private property in order to increase the wealth of government. 

I’m pretty sick of the intellectual elitists on the Supreme Court, and I’d welcome someone who doesn’t ascribe to their arrogant and foolish elitism.  Someone with a humble, down-to-earth understanding of life and the Constitution would be a welcome change.  I don’t know if Harriet Myers fits that bill or if she is that type of person, but she may well be.  It’s possible we could find out very soon unless the intellectual snobs have their way.   

Copyrighted © 2005 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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August 23, 2005

Media Insurgency

It began as a war against President Bush, but it has morphed into a full-fledged war against America.  Not only must we contend with foreign terrorists, now we must contend with an American media insurgency aiding and abetting them. 

Why the American media would throw-in with terrorists is beyond understanding.  Why suicide reporters would completely destroy their credibility in order to jeopardize our lives and injure our nation is mind-boggling. 

Americans take a risk every time they open a newspaper or turn on a television news program because it is unknown when a media insurgent will attack their patriotism, intelligence, and sensibilities.  Suicide reporters don’t care how unpatriotic or how stupid they appear as long as they can wreak havoc on America’s goals of security and success. 

Their assault on America doesn’t stop at national defense either; they also seek our economic ruin.  They whip up discontent over the price of gasoline while spreading lies and misconceptions that prevent the drilling and refining of our own oil.  And on a personal economic level, they lie about the state of social security and try to make everyone believe that it is solvent and doesn’t need reformed.  After all, a poor and desperate population is easier to convince that America is evil and deserves to be defeated. 

Call me naïve, but I don’t believe the American media insurgency will prevail.  It may have the full support of the Democrat Party, but I truly believe that both are doomed to failure.  America’s greatness will ultimately prevail, and the foreign terrorists along with the America media and the Democrat Party will be defeated.  The demise of the Democrat Party is already at hand. The fall of the American media and the terrorists is only a matter of time.

Copyrighted © 2005 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 25, 2005

Terminal Divorce

It’s the hottest trend in American society and jurisprudence, and it’s a real boon to those championing male machismo.   The only thing missing is a catchy name to make everyone rush out and try it.  How about this one, “terminal divorce”?  Okay, so it’s not so catchy, but at least it’s descriptive.  If you don’t like that one, try one of these: “lethal divorce,” “physician-assisted divorce,” or maybe even “divorcenasia.” 

If you’re a married man—and you must be a man—who wants to get in on this latest trend, all you have to do is kill your wife, preferably by starvation and dehydration.  There is no paper work to complete.  No licenses to purchase.  And definitely no living wills or advanced directives required.  All that’s necessary is that you claim your wife wants it this way.  

No one will question what you say and do.  But even if someone does, the American courts will stick up for you and grant you carte blanche to do whatever you want.  You get to keep the house, cars, and all the money, and then you can go hang out with Michael Schiavo and all the liberal elites.  Even the women’s movement will consider you a hero.  And here’s the best part.  If your wife happens to be pregnant at the time, you gain bonus points with the American Left—two for the price of one! 

So go ahead and pull the plug.  And if there is no plug, no problem!  Just lock her in the closet and stop feeding her.  It will be a “blissful” experience for her, and she’ll probably thank you for it.    

Leave it to America to come up with new and innovative ways to get out of responsibility.  Is this a great country or what?

Copyrighted © 2005 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 23, 2005

Passion Play

It is being referred to as a modern day crucifixion, a poignant and applicable description.  The reference is even more relevant because it is being played out during Passion Week.  Of course, I’m referring to the execution of Terri Schiavo. 

It is a passion play with all the markings of another infamous execution.  There is the betrayer, Michael Schiavo, conspiring and arranging the murder out of hate, greed, or selfishness.  There are the tormented family members and friends of the victim, watching in horror from the sidelines, pleading for mercy while their friend, their sister, their helpless innocent child is brutalized and murdered.  

There is the judiciary sitting in judgment and condoning the execution while sanctimoniously washing its hands for all to see.  And there is the American Left, demanding her death while crying out in their blood lust, “Her blood be on us and on our children!”  Lastly, there is the left-wing media, lying and giving false testimony about the victim in order to seal her fate.  

The torture is unconscionable, the execution an abomination.  It only demonstrates that we are no more civilized or compassionate than we were in 33 A.D.  Terri Schiavo is being killed because she is disabled and helpless.  She is being killed because a tyrannical liberal judiciary will not uphold the basic tenets of life.  She is being killed because the disabled, the innocent, and the helpless are considered disposable in our society. 

If Terri Schiavo were a convicted murderer, a terrorist, an endangered animal, or even a tree, the judiciary and the American Left would not tolerate her execution.  But she is an innocent human being, unable to defend herself, and that fact dooms her.  Like a lamb led to the slaughter, she opens not her mouth.  What a powerful Easter message!  Too bad no one is listening.

Copyrighted © 2005 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 3, 2004

Angels Among Us

On the day before the election, I expressed my greatest fear: Iranians, Palestinians, Iraqi insurgents, and al Qaeda terrorists dancing in the streets at the news of George W. Bush’s defeat.  They did it after the 9/11 attacks, and I knew they would do it again because a defeat of the president would have been a defeat of America. 

It could be compared to Mogadishu.  For those who get their history from Hollywood, Mogadishu, Somalia, was highlighted in the film Black Hawk Down.  It is where Islamic fundamentalists—trained and financed by Osama bin Laden—killed eighteen U.S. soldiers in 1993.  The reaction by the Clinton administration was to immediately cut and run, and that caused Osama bin Laden to conclude that we are weak and vulnerable.  The lethal result was September 11, 2001. 

Had America’s enemies run George W. Bush out of office, they would have again concluded that we are weak and vulnerable, and the result could have been much worse than 9/11.  Fortunately, Osama bin Laden underestimated the grit and resolve of the American people just as he underestimated the grit and resolve of our president.  

Like it or not, George W. Bush symbolizes America’s strength to the world, and our vote on November 2nd confirmed that strength to our enemies and our allies.  As a result, we will be safer over the next four years.  Any other outcome would have proved disastrous. 

In his inaugural address after the tumultuous 2000 election, President Bush referenced a letter written to Thomas Jefferson by Virginia statesman John Page after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  In his letter, Page asked the question: “Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm?” 

It’s comforting to know the Angel still rides with us. 

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 13, 2004

Hanoi John

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  How true, especially when talking about John Kerry. 

John Kerry likes to boast of his time spent in Vietnam, but other Vietnam veterans have now exposed the truth of his unsavory Vietnam antics.  But that’s not the most troubling aspect of Kerry’s past.  The real problem lies in what he did upon his return from Vietnam. 

Always the self-promoter, Kerry sought to propel himself into the political limelight using unabashed anti-Americanism as the vehicle to get there.  It didn’t matter that the lives of Americans and South Vietnamese were at stake.  All that mattered—and all that still matters—was the political ascendancy of John Kerry.  

John Kerry colluded with enemies of the United States to help orchestrate our loss in the Vietnam War.  He openly admits going to Paris in 1970 to meet with a delegation of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong who used him as a pawn to undermine our war effort at home. (“Useful idiots” is how the Communists referred to the likes of John Kerry.) 

As a result of Kerry’s actions and the actions of others like Jane Fonda, the United States lost the war in Vietnam, and Kerry was awarded an honorary spot on the wall of the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City.  His picture still hangs there today as a testament to Americans who helped the Vietnamese Communists defeat the United States. 

Now Kerry is engaged in the same kind of demoralizing activity with regard to Iraq and the whole war on terrorism.  Not much has changed since his post-Vietnam days.  The anti-American words and tactics are the same; only the time and place are different.  

Like I said, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 27, 2004

Gutter Politics

Have you ever met an alcoholic?  No, not the guy lying in the gutter with an empty bottle of Ripple.  He’s not an alcoholic.  If you don’t believe me, just ask him. 

It’s the guy down the street, the one with the nice wife and kids.  He’s the alcoholic, and he’ll openly admit it.  He hasn’t had a drink in years, but he’ll assure you that he’s an alcoholic. 

There’s one thing all admitted alcoholics have in common.  They all had to hit rock bottom before they were able to pull themselves out of the gutter.  Afterward, they must  totally abstain from alcohol because one drink could send them right back to the gutter. 

In a sense, we’re all recovering alcoholics.  We hit bottom with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  Then, amid our surprise, disbelief, and despair, we resolved to pull ourselves out of the gutter and take committed action to see that it never happens again.  Inspired by the steely determination of George W. Bush, we fixed our gaze on success and victory.  We knew what had to be done, and we were willing to do it.   We would never forget 9/11. 

Well, we have forgotten—at least some have—and the news media and the Democrat Party are to blame.  With the 9/11 images hidden, we are told  that 9/11 really didn’t happened or that it could never happen again.  We’re offered the cup of complacency, liberalism, and cowardice, and too many are quick to take the drink that leads straight back to the gutter. 

We are now faced with a choice.  Will we remain vigilant with President Bush and take the fight to those who seek to destroy us, or will we join John Kerry in the gutter, drunk on our own indecision and complacency? 

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 14, 2004

A Paradox

I know a very well respected man—a family man—who walks around town wearing a John Kerry for President button.  I guess it’s what you’d describe as a paradox.   

Claiming to be a Roman Catholic, he sends his children to the Church to learn that it is immoral to kill a child in its mother’s womb, and yet he supports John Kerry who protects and promotes abortion. 

He is concerned about his retirement investments and his college tuition savings, and yet he supports John Kerry who promises to take more of those investments away through higher taxes on capital gains and dividends. 

He complains that the public schools cannot educate his children and that private and parochial school tuition is too high, and yet he supports John Kerry who refuses to reform public education and will not support school vouchers that would enable him to use his tax money to send his children to the best schools, public or private. 

He wants a strong, independent country, and yet he supports John Kerry who promises to subordinate our national interests and defense to the veto of the United Nations. 

He wants the country and his neighborhood safe from terrorist attacks, and yet he supports John Kerry who will stop the overseas war against terrorism and hope that the terrorists decide not to return and again attack us in our own streets. 

He wants us to be energy independent, and yet he supports John Kerry who is against tapping energy sources in our own country. 

He wants his children brought up in a society with strong moral foundations, and yet he supports John Kerry who promotes raising homosexual cohabitation to the same acceptable level as marriage and family. 

Like I said, it’s a paradox.  Or is it just plain stupidity?

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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July 4, 2004


Promises, promises, and more promises.  All politicians make them.  Surprisingly, some even keep them.  George W. Bush kept his campaign promises—especially the one about lowering taxes—and that totally confounded his critics.  After all, following through on promises just doesn’t happened in Washington D.C.  But what about John Kerry and his campaign promises? 

Kerry has openly promised to raise the dividend tax from 15% to 35%.  He has promised to raise the capital gain tax from 15% to 20%.  And he has promised to raise the death tax.  What’s up with that?  Has he decided to run on a platform of “Vote for me so I can take away more of your money?” 

And it doesn’t stop there.  Remember last year’s tax rebate check and the larger tax refund you received this year?  Kerry proudly promises to take that away.  He wants to reinstate the marriage penalty and raise the tax rates.  He also wants to decrease the amount of the child deduction.  (Evidently, he doesn’t think you need any more money to raise your children.)  He also promises to raise taxes on small businesses from 35% to 40%, and he supports the double and triple taxation of investments and savings.  

So are we to believe him?  If elected, will Kerry keep his campaign promises like President Bush did?  I think it’s fair to assume that any Democrat promising to raise taxes has every intention of following through on that commitment.  Democrats have a track record of raising taxes even when promising to lower them.  So why wouldn’t a Democrat raise taxes when he promises to raise them?  It’s a no-brainer.   

Speaking of no-brainer, I recall another Democrat presidential candidate who also promised to raise taxes.  His name was Walter Mondale, and we know what happened to him.

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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June 1, 2004

The Worst Generation

They’re called the Greatest Generation, a title well deserved.  They were honorable, determined, courageous, and patriotic.  On Memorial Day, I heard one of them disdain the title and instead apply it to the very first American generation, so I guess you can add another descriptive accolade to the WWII generation: humility. 

But what about the Worst Generation—my own generation—often referred to as the Vietnam Generation?  Over the years, the worst of the Worst Generation have gravitated to the Democrat Party and the entertainment and news media, and they have come to represent the most vocal critics of the current war on terrorism.  Perhaps it’s because they view everything through the prism of Vietnam. 

They cry out for more troops in Iraq while at the same time demand a politically correct war in which our actions must be governed by the UN.  They don’t want us to be too aggressive, and don’t even think about offending anyone or embarrassing captured terrorists.  In other words, they want Iraq to be fought just like Vietnam. 

They also lack perspective and common sense.  The Greatest Generation knew that the Japanese, Germans, and Italians represented a single threat.  The Worst Generation refuses to draw a similar conclusion when faced with worldwide Islamic terrorism.  The Greatest Generation knew that the troops fighting in the Pacific and European Theaters were fighting the same war.  The Worst Generation is unable to make that connection in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Fortunately, President Bush is the antidote to the Worst Generation.  A throwback to the Greatest Generation, he exhibits the same grit, honor, courage, and patriotism that brought us victory in WWII.  He will not succumb to the lunacy of the Worst Generation, and he definitely will not allow us to succumb to the threats of our enemy. 

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 3, 2004

The Fallen

The only good soldier is a dead soldier.  That could be the mantra of the news media and the Democrat Party.  If you have any doubts, you only had to watch Ted Koppel’s Nightline the other night where he spent the entire program reading the names of American soldiers killed in Iraq.  Strangely absent were the names of soldiers killed in Afghanistan because highlighting those deaths would not further the defeat of George W. Bush. 

The defeat of Bush can only be accomplished through the defeat of America in its war on terrorism.  And to defeat our war on terrorism, you need lots of dead American soldiers.  Live American soldiers represent victory, and victory is not something Democrats and the liberal news media will tolerate.  Live soldiers are only to be criticized and portrayed as villains.  After all, it was John Kerry who referred to his own “band of brothers” in Vietnam as baby killers, rapists, and murderers. 

No, it’s dead soldiers you need, and lots of them.  Therefore, expect to see a body count for every single soldier lost in the line of duty—but only those lost in Iraq.  Also, expect to see their names and faces spread across all the major newspapers and on ABC, which rightfully has earned its new name as the Anti-American Broadcasting Corporation.  Defeat of America must be achieved at all costs, and to the American Left, dead American soldiers are simply acceptable collateral damage in achieving that defeat.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. 

If the war on Bush is successful and John Kerry is elected president, it may then be necessary for Ted Koppel to host a program displaying the names and faces of every American citizen because, at that point, we all become fallen soldiers in the war on terrorism. 

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 7, 2004


Based on the rhetoric spewed out during the Democrat presidential primary, we know that George W. Bush is public enemy #1 in John Kerry’s eyes.  We also know that worldwide terrorism (personified by Osama bin Laden) is public enemy #1 in George W. Bush’s eyes.  And those two differences make me hearken back to a Middle Eastern saying I heard during the first Gulf War:  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  

Recently, Democrats have become hysterical over the observation that both John Kerry and Osama bin Laden have similar interests in the United States presidential race.  It is not arguable that if Osama bin Laden and all the other terrorists were able to vote, they would vote against George W. Bush.  After all, he is the one trying to hunt them down and kill them.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend

I don’t blame the Democrat rank-and-file for being upset with these comparisons, but the truth is inescapable.  Worldwide terrorism wants George W. Bush out of office because he is the only one opposing it.  John Kerry and the Democrat leadership are not willing to oppose terrorism, and the terrorists know it.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend

As for the Democrat rank-and-file, they need to start honestly appraising what their party stands for today instead of reminiscing about what it stood for fifty, sixty, or seventy years ago.  Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “The Sting of a Reproach is the Truth of it.”  The truth about the shared interests of John Kerry and Osama bin Laden regarding George W. Bush may sting, but it is something the Democrats need to hear, recognize, and accept.  They also need to choose better candidates and better friends.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 7, 2004

Bad News for America

I’d first like to state that I definitely know the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.  But before I reveal that information, I would like to make a brief comment about the Democrat presidential campaign. 

Howard Dean started it.  John Kerry continues it.  And John Edwards and Wesley Clark echo it.  So what’s the message the Democrat candidates are proclaiming with such zeal and vigor?  It is hatred—pure, unabashed hatred—and that is not good news for America. 

It seems that Democrats hate everything.  They hate large and small businesses.  They hate the rich and the poor.  They hate the car you drive and the food you eat.  You name it; they hate it.  But mostly they hate George W. Bush, and that hatred spills over to a hatred of America and a good majority of the American people.   

When you have abject hatred of the commander-in-chief, you can’t help but hate the actions of the armed services and the individuals who serve there.  When you despise the president of the United States, you can help but despise the country and people he leads and protects.  Every action you take to harm or injure the president brings harm and injury to the country as a whole and the people who populate it.   

Al Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations around the world know that, and they share the Democrat hatred of President Bush and America.  That was one of the reasons for the 9/11 attacks.  Fortunately, the national Democrat Party disdains God.  If you were to throw religious fervor into the mix, you might find Democrat activists strapping on explosives before they waltz into Starbucks for their morning lattés.    

So where is Osama bin Laden hiding?  It’s quite obvious.  He’s hiding in the blackened hate-filled soul of the Democrat Party.

Copyrighted © 2004 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 7, 2003

Coloring the News

Rush Limbaugh stated on ESPN that the sports media are desirous of seeing a black quarterback succeed.  The reaction was not immediate, but a firestorm  eventually ensued.  In response, the sports media revealed how desirous they are of seeing a white sports commentator (i.e. Limbaugh) fail, and they demonstrated how their desires and biases really do color their reporting.  Could it be that Rush was right? 

Mitch Olszak—the editor of my local newspaper—doesn’t think so, and he said as much in his 10/6/2003 editorial.  Not only did he disagree with Rush’s observation, he jumped on the racial bandwagon and followed the other media lemmings right off the cliff.  So what are Limbaugh’s views about race? 

Rush espouses the conservative view that regards all races as equally competent in achieving success through hard work.  The levels of success are dependent only on the talents and motivations of the individuals.  The key is hard work and achievement, not the color of their skin. 

Liberals, on the other hand, espouse the philosophy that minorities are incompetent or incapable of achieving success without the assistance of whites (i.e. white liberals).  It is the philosophy from which all affirmative action programs spring.  Minorities must be coddled every step of the way by caring, understanding whites.  What could be more racist than that? 

Olszak’s hostility toward Rush Limbaugh’s conservative view of race betrays his own liberal leanings.  It would be easy for me to call for Olszak’s head for the racial insinuations in his editorial or to rally forces demanding his resignation or firing, but that would make me no better than the intolerant liberal media.  

Instead, I’ll use Olszak’s own words and point out that freedom of speech gives him the "fundamental right to express his opinions," but he can't expect people to pay to read them.  

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 24, 2003

$87 Billion Lie

It’s a lie.  There’s no other way to describe it.  Not only that, it’s the eighty-seven billion dollar lie.  That’s the amount President Bush is requesting for military support and the rebuilding of Iraq—but that’s not the lie.  The lie is what Democrats and the news media are saying about it. 

Democrat politicians, especially the presidential contenders, in concert with the news media are trying to whip up hysteria among the public to turn them against the president and his efforts to defeat terrorism and protect our homeland.  In doing so, they are making the claim that Americans are outraged at the amount of money Mr. Bush wants to spend on the war and the efforts in Iraq.  They claim that Americans—that’s us by the way—are demanding a better accounting of how this money will be spent. 

No we aren’t.  We know that this money is going to be spent no matter what.  We also know that the money will never be returned to us if it is not spent on Iraq.  The Democrats definitely will see to that.  Democrat aversion to returning any of our tax money assures that we will never see a dime of that $87 billion.  Instead, it will be poured down some black hole of social spending or used to buy votes.  It will never be returned to the American people through tax reductions or tax refunds. 

So if this money is not going to be given back to us, it might as well be spent to protect and defend us.  After all, that’s the number one responsibility of the federal government, the one that’s enumerated in the Constitution.  And if it can keep us safe and prevent terrorists from flying more planes into our buildings, it will be money well spent.

 Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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  July 18, 2003

Simple Minds   

Have you ever tried to argue with a stupid person?  I mean a really stupid person.  It can be incredibly frustrating.  First you discover that the person lacks the intellect to rationally process information.  Then you are left in stunned amazement at his shallowness of thought.   

That’s the dilemma facing President Bush daily when must deal with the news media.  Let’s face it; members of the news media aren’t very bright.  No matter what Mr. Bush tells them, they cannot comprehend it.  Unfortunately, they then turn around and report as “news” their misconceptions of what he said. 

A good example of this is the media hype over a statement in the State of the Union Address about Saddam Hussein and African uranium.  The exact quote from the speech is this:  "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."  The British are standing by their intelligence report.  So despite what the news media are saying, the statement made by the president in his speech was true then and is true now.  So what’s so hard to understand? 

Why do the news media have problems understanding simple concepts?  Perhaps it’s because they’ve always lacked such understanding.  I remember these people from my schooldays.  They were the ones who couldn’t grasp what was being taught, the ones who couldn’t master long division.  To hide their failures and inadequacies, they set about disrupting the classroom—that is until we chased them off the schoolyard.  Now they’ve returned as adults and journalists.  And to hide their current intellectual failings, they’ve set about disrupting the nation much as they did the classroom. 

In days past, we simply would have chased them off the schoolyard and been rid of them.  If only it were that easy now. 

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 25, 2003

The Name Game 

What’s in a name?  Take for instance the name Conner, a common name for boys these days.  It happens to be the name of my godson, although he spells it differently.  But it’s not my godson I want to talk about.  Instead, I want to talk about another boy, one named Conner Peterson.  You know him as the son of Laci Peterson, the woman whose body recently washed ashore in San Francisco Bay along with the body of Conner. 

In order to seek the death penalty against Conner’s father, Scott Peterson, the prosecution is charging Scott not only with the murder of his wife, Laci, but also with the murder of Conner.  This is unusual in as much as Conner was an unborn child.  He was still in his mother’s womb when the murders were committed.  What is even more unusual is that he has a name, and amazingly, his name is being repeating in the news reports. 

Pro-abortion groups are frantic over the fact that Scott Peterson might be charged with the murder of an unborn child.  They fear that this will hurt their agenda and undermine their goal of desensitizing people to the horrors of abortion.  But it’s not the criminal charges they should fear.  It’s something much more powerful yet quite subtle, and it has the potential to change the hearts and minds of people, the one thing that will eventually doom the abortion industry. 

What has done more to awaken the sensitivity of people in this case is the simple act of naming Conner.  A child has a name; a fetus does not.  You can abort a fetus, but what do you do to a child?  In this case, they’re calling it murder.  We in the pro-life movement have been calling it that for years.

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 27, 2003

An Angel in the Whirlwind Revisited

Blame it on my Catholic education or my upbringing in general, but I really have an aversion to war.  As a result, I was shocked and awed at how easily I found myself arguing for military action in Iraq if Saddam Hussein wouldn’t disarm.  Despite my discomfort at accepting the need for military conflict, I felt I had no choice.  I tried to be quiet and not express an opinion on the issue, but that didn’t last long.  When push came to shove, I had to take a stand one way or another, and I came down decidedly on the side of military action.  Why is that?  

One thing is certain, it had a lot to do with those I saw advancing the argument against the war.  As I started paying attention and observing exactly who it was that was advocating appeasement of Saddam in order to avoid war, I came to the realization that I knew these people.  I knew them all too well.  Experience had taught me that a majority of them were all notorious sinners who had no real moral substance. 

How could someone like Ted Kennedy, who condones and promotes the slaughter of innocent children in abortion, tell me that it is wrong to use lethal force to dislodge a murderer and tyrant like Saddam Hussein?  How could an unethical liar such as Bill Clinton tell me that a war in Iraq would be unjust and violate codes of decency?  How could Madonna, the queen of perversion, lecture me on the morality of war?  How could I not severely question anything these people say or do, and how could I ever align myself with them?  Well, I couldn’t align with them.  As much as I disliked war, I knew that they couldn’t be right. 

Then the war started, and I received confirmation that my decision had been the correct one.  This wasn’t the war of a cowboy set on taking over the world or stealing Iraqi oil or avenging his father.  This is a man who is very concerned about the Iraqi people, and who is taking great steps to ensure civilian safety while he dislodges a tyrant who threatens them and the world.  This is a man who is amassing large amounts of food, water, and medicine to feed and treat the people in the Iraqi cities as he liberates them.  This is a man who is showing far more humanitarian concern for the people of Iraq than their own leader who oppresses them, murders them, and uses them as human shields to protect his troops. 

In his inaugural address back in 2001, the president referenced a letter written to Thomas Jefferson by Virginia statesman John Page after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  In his letter, Page asked the question: “Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm?”  As I watch the war in Iraq proceed with amazing fury yet see the great care that is taken to protect the innocents from harm, I think back to Page’s question and the obvious answer.  Yes, an Angel does ride in the Whirlwind, and his name is George W. Bush. 

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 23, 2003

Taking It to the Streets

Remember Dolly, the first cloned sheep?  They say she died a few weeks ago, but it appears she left behind a multitude of descendents.  You only had to cast a glance at the streets of some American cities over the past few weeks for confirmation because many of them were filled with cloned sheep attending war rallies.  Yes, I mean exactly that—‘war rallies.’ 

Prior to onset of hostilities in Iraq, the organizers of these rallies tried to disguise them as a peace rallies, but it was all a charade.  The protests and rallies had nothing to do with promoting peace and every to do with ensuring war.  President Bush made it very clear that in the Iraq phase of the war on terrorism there were only two things could have avoided war and ensured peace: 1) the voluntary total disarmament by Saddam Hussein; or 2) the voluntary abdication and self-exile by Hussein followed by the total disarmament by the new Iraqi government.  These were the peaceful alternatives to war; but, unfortunately, the sheep in the streets were too lost in their anti-American rhetoric to promote the way of peace. 

By means of their vicious verbal attacks on America and its citizens, these sheep and others like them empowered and emboldened Saddam Hussein to continue his repressive regime.  They invited him to create the weapons he would have eventually used to kill the very sheep who supported him through their rallies.  The Soviet Union had a term for people like those attending such rallies.  They called them ‘useful idiots,’ and I can’t think of a more appropriate description. 

Be they useful idiots or cloned sheep—call them what you may—they were directly responsible for causing the war in which we are engaged.  Saddam Hussein intently watched their anti-American protests in our streets, and it bolstered his belief that he could win the public relations battle and neuter the United States and the rest of the world.  But one thing he did not count on—the resolve of George W. Bush.  And now he has to contend with the resolve of the American people represented by the force of the American military. 

And what of the protestors who paraded around our streets before the war?  Well, they’re still there, displaying for the entire world their total lack of intellect and understanding.  Before the war they were merely useful idiots and cloned sheep whose misguided actions promoted war instead of peace.  Now they are much more pathetic and dangerous because now they assist the enemy and jeopardize the lives of American servicemen and women.  Now they seek to undermine our national pride and weaken our resolve.  Now they threaten our national security.  Now they represent all that is truly anti-American.

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 4, 2003

True Colors

It doesn’t happen all that often, but once again, an individual of minority status is poised to assume a position of power in the judicial branch of the federal government.  This has the racist elements in our society energized and determined to do everything in their power to put this guy in his place.  And that place is nowhere in the hierarchy of our court system. 

This “guy” happens to be Miguel Estrada, an extremely qualified jurist who has been nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  The “racist elements” opposed to him happen to the Democratic senators of the U.S. Senate.  Oh, I should mention that Mr. Estrada is Hispanic. 

In the Democratic worldview, minorities are fine to have around to do the menial things—like vote for Democrats—but heaven forbid they advance to any positions of power.  In the unlikely circumstance that a minority member of society should aspire to such a high position, he must be opposed and defeated by whatever means are necessary, even if it means upending the Constitution of the United States. 

That’s what the Democrats are engaged in now, defeating a Hispanic at all costs.  It’s no different than their reaction when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court.  Another black man on the Supreme Court?  Preposterous!  Now the refrain is: A Hispanic on the U.S. Court of Appeals?  Preposterous!  Allow one in, and we’ll be overrun with them! 

But just as their vile racist attempts failed with Clarence Thomas, so will they fail with Miguel Estrada.  And the whole fiasco will only serve to once again expose the under-reported but quite prevalent racist tendencies of the Democratic Party.  When it comes to the judiciary, they just can’t help revealing their true colors.  And as is always the case with the Democratic Party, those colors include whites only.

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 22, 2003  

Promote Peace, Not War

Remember Dolly, the first cloned sheep?  They say she died a few weeks ago, but it appears she left behind a multitude of descendents.  You only have to cast a glance at the streets of some American cities these days for confirmation because many of them are filled with cloned sheep attending war rallies.  Yes, I do mean ‘war rallies.’

The organizers of these rallies try to disguise them as a peace rallies, but it’s all a charade.  They have nothing to do with promoting peace and every to do with ensuring war.  In the Iraq phase of the war on terrorism there are only two things that will avoid war and ensure peace: 1) voluntary total disarmament by Saddam Hussein; or 2) voluntary abdication and self-exile by Hussein followed by total disarmament by the new Iraqi government.  These are the peaceful alternatives to war; but, unfortunately, the sheep in the streets are too lost in their anti-American rhetoric to promote the way of peace. 

By means of their vicious verbal attacks on America and its citizens, these sheep and others like them empower and embolden Saddam Hussein to continue his repressive regime.  They invite him to create the weapons he will eventually use to kill the very sheep who support him now.  The Soviet Union had a term for people like those attending the war rallies today.  They called them ‘useful idiots,’ and I can’t think of a more appropriate term.   

Whether they are useful idiots or cloned sheep, the protesters are doing everything in their power to promote and ensure war.  Saddam is watching.  And as long as he sees anti-American protests in our streets, he will continue on his sinister path until there is left no alternative but war.   

My advice to the protesters?   Promote peace, not war.  

Copyrighted © 2003 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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December 22, 2002  


In response to all the frenzy, hysteria, and outright lies told about racism by Democrats and the media during the Trent Lott fiasco, there are a few things need to be said.

If you support affirmative action, you’re a racist.  Affirmative action is simply discrimination where preference is given to one person over another based solely on skin color.  Give preference to blacks with no regard to ability, and you kill the incentive in them to become real achievers, thereby making them less of a threat.

If you support abortion, you’re a racist.  Blacks have been the targets of the abortion industry with very successful results.  More black children fall prey to abortion than white children, resulting in an effective black population control mechanism.

If you oppose school vouchers, you’re a racist.  Black parents clamor for school vouchers to educate their children and ransom them from the shackles of failed intercity public schools, but the goal is to keep them black and stupid so they’ll vote the way they are told.

If you support public housing, you’re a racist.  Blacks are crammed into dilapidated housing projects with no incentive to improve their lot.  Keep them not only black and stupid, but put them someplace where you can keep an eye on them and find them when you want them to vote for you.

If you oppose welfare reform, you’re a racist.  Irresponsibly heaping more welfare benefits on blacks with no incentive or requirement to work keeps them dependent on government handouts that ensure their meager existence, and it keeps them equally dependent on politicians who promise them more welfare.

If you support the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, you’re a racist.  Both men are poverty pimps who make their fortunes on the backs of unfortunate blacks.  They must keep blacks downtrodden and in poverty in order to guarantee their own wealth and notoriety.

The bottom line?  If you’re a Democrat, you’re a racist.  

 Copyrighted © 2002 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 11, 2002  

The Sandbox

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you where I was and what I was doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. What I’m going to talk about is the morning of September 11, 2002.

I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and watched some TV while I ate breakfast. Afterward, I listened to the radio while I dressed. By the time I left for work that morning, I had already grown weary of hearing where people were and what they were doing on the morning of the 9-11 attack. What truly concerns me is where we are now and what we are doing to ensure that 9-11 never happens again.

President Bush is intent on taking action against terrorism, but the Democrats in Congress don’t share his concern about our national security. It’s as if the Dems are children playing in a sandbox in the middle of an interstate highway. As the only adults on the scene, the president and his administration are desperately trying to move the sandbox out of harm’s way, but the self-centered children are crying and whining about the disruption it will cause.

And who are these self-centered children? You know the names: Tommy Daschle, Dickie Gephardt, Johnny Kerry, Joey Biden, and most of the other Democrats in Congress. Oh, and let’s not forget their playmates in the media: Danny Rather, Tommy Brokaw, Petie Jennings, Wolfie Blitzer. As they sit in their sandbox and play with their little social programs, death and destruction lurk only inches away. They were in this sandbox when they supported Saddam Hussein in 1991, and they’re still in there as they continue to support him now.

It would be easy for Bush, like Clinton, to satisfy the sandbox crowd and ignore the lessons of 9-11, but he won’t do that. Bush is the responsible adult in the room, and he will take to task these whining children as he deals effectively with Hussein, bin Laden, and the other terrorists. Afterward, we can all play safely in the sandbox and never again have to tell each other where we were on September 11th.

Copyrighted © 2002 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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August 9, 2002

Suckers & Bloodsuckers

Assume for a moment you’re a mosquito. Now assume you have an opportunity to bite an emaciated African tribesman who possesses the ability to annihilate you, or you can feast on a fat American sucker who has totally disarmed himself. What are you going to do? Of course, you’re going to have a piece of American pie.

That’s just what the mosquitoes are doing right now, sampling our cuisine. But instead of pie, they’re chowing down on the American people, and many of our citizens are dying because of it.

Americans disarmed themselves in 1972 when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of the DDT pesticide based on false information provided in Silent Spring, a 1962 book by Rachel Carson. President Kennedy was suckered by the book in 1963, and his Science Advisory Panel immediately called for legislative measures against such chemicals as DDT.

The false claims of Carson’s book were promulgated by a fringe socialist group known as the Environmental Defense Fund, and it culminated in William Ruckelshaus, EPA Director (and member of the Environmental Defense Fund), making DDT illegal in 1972 by overturning an EPA administrative law judge’s decision. He then refused to provide any explanation or justification for overturning the hearing decision. (As an administrative law judge who had a department head overturn one of my decisions without explanation or justification, I know how this can occur.)

Over a 20 year period, DDT controlled mosquito spread malaria and saved the lives of 500 million people (mostly women and children) in third world countries that used the pesticide, but Western nations, such as the United States, are trying to ban DDT worldwide because they are still being suckered by the lies contained in Carson’s book.

Enter a new player--the West Nile virus--and it’s no longer just the “other guys” in far away lands who are dying. Now we are all at risk. That in itself should dispel the lies and awaken us from our politically correct slumber. It’s time to bring back DDT and return the label “sucker” to its rightful owner, the mosquito.

Copyrighted © 2002 - Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 6, 2002

The Awakening

There’s a war raging in the Middle East again, and it’s spilling over into this country. I saw evidence of it last night when an American journalist on the evening news wrapped himself in anti-Jewish sentiment and set off a violent explosion of hatred and misinformation right in my living room. Fortunately, there was only one casualty. Regrettably, the casualty was the “truth.”

Israel finally has decided to take some concrete action against the cowardly, barbaric acts of the Palestinians, and as would be expected, they’re getting a lot of criticism for it.

It’s understandable they would be condemned by Egypt, Syria and Jordan. These countries have a long history of attacking Israel. They did so in the Six Day War and again in the Yom Kippur War. Both times they got their clocks cleaned, and in the process Israel acquired the lands now known as the “occupied territories.”

The term “occupied territory” is fodder for the uneducated. Those lands are actually Israeli territory, won fair and square. They are no more occupied Arab territory than Texas is occupied Mexican territory and Pennsylvania and Virginia are occupied British territories. The Israelis are defending themselves and their land, and they have every right to do so.

That’s why it is so bizarre that Israel is also being criticized by the United States. All it took was one day of carnage in September to awaken us from our slumber and put us on a non-stop course to eradicate terrorism worldwide. How is it that we get lulled back to sleep the moment we gaze into the ever-woeful eyes of the terrorist Yasser Arafat?

We need to undergo the same awakening recently experienced by the Israelis. Terrorism must always be identified and called exactly what it is. It must never be given a wink and a nod or allowed even one victory, no matter what you think of the country on which it is being inflicted.

Israel is doing the right and moral thing in waging war against terrorism. They should continue and not listening to anyone—especially the United States.

  Copyrighted © 2002 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 20, 2002

Free Speech and the Gallows

In nobler times, they all would be facing the gallows. I’m referring to the members of the House of Representatives who, in the dead of the night, voted to suspend our First Amendment rights.

The First Amendment to the Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech,” and that is exactly what the members of Congress did. They passed a law making it illegal for you, me, or anyone else to criticize them within two months of an election. That’s something I would expect from the Taliban, not the U. S. Congress.

According to the Shays-Meehan Bill—also known as the Campaign Reform Bill—American citizens may no longer voice their views through political ads that offer up criticism of candidates running for election to the House or Senate, at least not in the two months leading up to an election—the period of time when most people decide for whom they’ll vote.

This is an old issue that was already decided by the Supreme Court in 1976 in a decision known as Buckley v. Valeo (96 S. Ct. 612). The court ruled that “a major purpose of the amendment was to protect the free discussion of governmental affairs, including discussions of candidates. Discussion of public issues and debate on the qualifications of candidates are integral to the operation of the system of government established by the Constitution; First Amendment affords the broadest protection to such political expression.”

The court also tied the concept of free speech to modern mass media when it said that the “electorates increasing dependence on television, radio and other mass media for news and information has made those expensive modes of communication indispensable instruments of effective political speech.”

The members of Congress know that the Shays-Meehan Bill violates the Constitution, and yet they support it anyway because they do not care about you, me, or the Constitution. They view the passage of this bill simply as a benefit to themselves because it keeps you from speaking out against them.

Like I said, in nobler times, they all would be facing the gallows.

Copyrighted © 2002 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 8, 2002

The Enemy Within

The al Qaeda and Taliban’s favorite American politician, Democrat Senator Tom Daschle, has done it again. As Senate Majority Leader, he hijacked the economic stimulus plan and slammed it into the American economy—for the third time.

The 9-11 terrorists only succeeded in hitting two of their three intended targets, but Daschle has scored a direct hit in all three of his attempts. He has thwarted every effort by the President and the Congress to revive the economy. And, like Osama bin Laden and the terrorists, Daschle and his allies have achieved their ultimate goals: they’ve caused another downturn in the stock market, and they’ve prolonged the suffering of American citizens.

Somehow Daschle and the Democrats think they are endearing themselves to the American people by their actions, but they are gravely mistaken. Their hatred of Republicans and their resentment of business and working people are evident despite their false rhetoric. Just recently when the Congress passed a resolution extending birthday greetings to former President Ronald Reagan, four Democrat congressmen—Fortney Pete Stark, Barbara Lee, Diane Watson, and Eddie Bernise Johnson—flatly refused to vote in favor of it.

The term “mean” doesn’t even begin to describe what the Democrats in the Congress have become. Perhaps the term “desperate” more aptly describes their plight. They are trapped in their own anger and misguided ideology. They are doomed, and they know it. The mid-term elections are approaching, and they know they haven’t a prayer.

The death knell is sounding, and the Democrat reaction is to lash out, especially at the President and anyone who supports him. They intend to bring this country and its economy down with them as they plummet into the abyss along with their cohorts in the Taliban. Their fate is sealed because the die is cast, and America will succeed in routing out evil and terrorism where ever it resides, be it in the caves of Afghanistan, the deserts of Iraq, the shores of North Korea, or the halls of the U.S. House and Senate.

Copyrighted © 2002 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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December 23, 2001

Cave Dwellers

Many people expected President Bush to lash out in anger at the assault on the American people, but he didn’t. Instead, his reaction was composed yet determined as he systematically set out to collect and win over allies in his struggle to neuter an unexpected enemy of the American way of life.

And he did it. He secured a majority of like-minded leaders who support his mission, and he set out to lift up those brought low in September 11th aftermath. But just when victory seemed assured, the cowardly leader of the opposition slithered out of town. He now lies safe and hidden in, of all places, South Dakota.

Tom Daschle, Democrat Senator of South Dakota and Senate Majority Leader, has set himself up as the Mullah Omar of the United States, and he is telling the American people that he does not care about their economic plight. He’s now at home in South Dakota enjoying his holiday vacation while many Americans find themselves in dire straits due to the slow economy.

A majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate—the duly elected representatives of the people—came to an agreement and set out to pass an economic stimulus plan to revive the economy, but Tom Daschle does not want the economy revived, and he prevented the senate from voting on the bill. He did so because he knew there were enough votes from both parties to pass the bill.

Because of senate rules and his leadership position, Daschle can single-handedly prevent a vote on any bill and deprive the American people of the relief they desperately need. In effect, he’s holding the entire nation hostage to his own maniacal interests, and there is nothing the President, the Republicans, or the other Democrats can do about it.

Osama bin Laden used his insane followers to attack our country from the outside. Tom Daschle is using his own insanity to attack our country from the inside. Osama bin Laden prefers to live in caves. If Tom Daschle has his way, we’ll all be living in caves.

Copyrighted © 2001 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 21, 2001

The Lost Children of Islam

A funny thing happened to the Muslims while they all were facing Mecca and praying: someone crept in behind them and stole their religion. They say that perception is reality, and the perception is that Islam supports and encourages murder, mayhem, and destruction. Unfortunately for Islam, it is a perception they’ve done little to dispel.

Like disconnected parents who make no attempt to discipline their delinquent children, Islam has irresponsibly ignored or tolerated the radical Osama bin Ladens of their culture so that terrorism has become a hallmark of the Islamic religion. Now the world must intervene and take the only option left at its disposal—to hunt down and kill these lost children of Islam. When law enforcement steps in and deals violently with delinquent children, we sometimes hear their parents complain about police tactics and argue that the children really aren’t that bad. If the members of the Islamic world react in a similarly fashion, they will damage their religion even more and deserve everything that befalls them.

Being the focus and target of the violent Islamic extremists, the western world can do little to change Muslim attitudes. For the most part, all we can do is try to clean up the mess the Islamic leaders have allowed to develop through their passivity and acceptance of the hate inspired teachings of many in their religion. Unfortunately, the methods we must employ in cleaning up this mess are not pleasant, and they may entail the killing of a large segment of the Muslim world bred on hatred.

It will behoove the Islamic religion to take a stand now and start eliminating this evil, hate-filled indoctrination from infesting succeeding Muslim generations. The fundamentalist movement is a cancer that has infested Islam, and the symptoms are affecting the whole world. We are now in the process of cutting out and killing that cancer, but the patient—Islam—must change its ways so the cancer does not return.

It has been said that Islam is one of the world’s great religions. The time has come for them to prove it.

Copyrighted © 2001 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 25, 2001

Secret Agent Man

He is being hailed as the savior of the Democratic Party, but in effect, he is their worst nightmare. I'm talking about Republican turncoat Senator James Jeffords of Vermont.

The Democrats in Congress have carved out for themselves a sweet little niche where they do nothing but sit around and use lies and deceit to criticize and try to thwart everything proposed by President Bush and the Republicans. Now, however, their easy obstructionists days are about to end thanks to Senator Jeffords. Their world is about to be turned upside down, and the ethically challenged Tom Daschle, as the new Senate majority leader, is about to learn that vacant minds, blank stares, and criticizing those doing the heavy lifting will no longer cut it.

With power comes responsibility, and the Democrats will now be expected to propose an agenda of their own. But how can they when all they stand for is higher taxes, increased regulations, more intrusive government, and kowtowing to their wacko constituent groups?

With all Americans expecting a reduced tax burden and a return of their overpaid taxes, how do the Democrats propose increasing taxes on people? With California sweating and stumbling around in the dark, how do they prohibit the building or more power plants and the use of nuclear energy? With the price of gasoline skyrocketing, how do they prohibit America from accessing and refining its own oil resources? With children unable to read and trapped in failing schools, how do they tell parents they can’t send their children to another school where they can be educated?

The Democrats are doomed because the people overwhelmingly support the American agenda proposed by President Bush. Regardless of who controls the Senate, the people will continue to support the President, and he will implement the agenda they want and desperately need. In doing so, he will expose the Democrats for the losers that they are and make look even more inept than they appear now.

Senator Jeffords did the Democrats no favor when he changed his party affiliation. He will prove to be the nail in the coffin of an already dying party. Maybe that’s been the Republican plan all along. Perhaps Hillary was right--there is a right wing conspiracy out there. If so, Jim Jeffords is our unwitting super secret double agent.

Copyrighted © 2001 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 3, 2001

Democrats vs. The People

He’s the cure for the common Democratic lie, the antidote to the Clinton recession. He’s our president, George W. Bush, and he’s standing up for us and for our freedom. He’s laid down the gauntlet through a proposal to prevent Washington from taking from us more than it needs. In other words, he wants to let us keep more of the money we work for and earn. He’s trying to give us a tax cut—all of us.

I have a friend who expressed the hope that the president will succeed in expanding the charitable donation deduction to those who don’t itemize on their tax returns, and I’ve another friend who is hopeful that the marriage penalty will be abolished. The ironic thing is that both these individuals voted for Al Gore who was pointedly against the very things these two people desire. I also work with someone who commented that her single status means that tax cuts are never applicable to her, and that was one of the reasons she voted for Gore. That’s why tax reductions never affect her: she votes only for those people who want to give tax reductions to other people—the so-called targeted tax cuts.

In order to combat the president’s efforts to refund to us our overpaid taxes, the Democrats are reverting to their usual worn-out lies, and they are spouting this “targeted tax cut” garbage again. Targeted tax cuts only mean that they paint targets on our backs in order to gouge us and keep our money under their control in Washington where they dole it out to buy votes from their constituent groups. Unfortunately, Americans aren’t real bright and they believe the Democratic lies. Their basic ignorance does not let them see that Democrats despise and loathe them, and that’s why Democrats see nothing wrong with robbing them blind and lying to them all the while. They’ve been made stupid and gullible, and the Democrats intend to keep them that way. Perhaps that’s why education is another of George W. Bush’s top priorities.

I don’t know what will happen with the president’s tax cut proposal. The Democrats in Congress are very good liars, and the Republicans in Congress are cowards for the most part. But George W. Bush is out there championing our cause, taking on the liars, cowards, and the ignorant masses. Somehow, I think he’ll succeed. Before the election, I asked everyone who planned to vote for Gore if they would give me their tax refunds when Bush implemented his tax cut pledge. I wonder how many checks I’ll receive in the mail.

Copyrighted © 2001 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 27, 2001

An Angel in the Whirlwind

In his inaugural address, George W. Bush referenced a letter written to Thomas Jefferson by Virginia statesman John Page after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In his letter, Page asked the question: “Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm?” When Bush unexpectedly was able to defend and hold onto his presidential victory in the face of an ominous Democratic Party poised to rob him of it, I read an editorial in which the author asked the question: “Am I the only one who sees the hand of God in this?”

I am another who sees the hand of God in that storm, and so too is George W. Bush. His inaugural speech and his first actions as President reflect that vision. One of his first actions was to declare a day of prayer on the Sunday following Inauguration Day, and that was quickly followed by his executive order stopping the granting of federal funds to international family planning organizations that sponsor or promote abortions. He has also been out there setting a tone of civility and gaining support from those you would expect to be his sworn enemies. He has promised to change the tone in Washington, and he has been incredibly successful in his first two weeks in office.

Of course, there are the diehard liberals who will always condemn him. These he will never win over as allies. I’m talking about the far left extremists such as the pro-abortion feminists who started attacking him about abortion even before he issued his executive order. But Bush, like most of his supporters, knows one thing for certain: God, the creator of all life, is staunchly pro-life. That is why you won’t see George W. Bush back away from his pro-life position. As savvy a politician as he is, and as much as he wishes to build alliances in order to accomplish his goals, he recognizes the one true ally he needs and without whom he cannot succeed—the One whose hand directs the Storm.

In answer to John Page’s question; yes, an Angel does ride in the Whirlwind.

Copyrighted © 2001 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 18, 2001

The Long Goodbye

Tonight I watched Bill Clinton’s farewell address. It was as inconsequential as was his presidency. On the whole, he is a corrupt, immoral man, and he was a bad president who set us on a course to a recession, gutted our military, and precipitated our current energy crisis. Now he’s nothing more than a has-been and an irritant.

The farewell that has me really excited is my farewell to Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, and everyone at CNN. For at least four years, I have been badgering my cable TV supplier (Adelphia Communications) to provide the Fox News Channel as a programming option. They’ve made it a habit to ignore me, and, recently, they sent me an email informing that they have no intention of ever carrying the Fox News Channel.

I don’t know if it was that email or the horrendous, biased news coverage by the major networks of the presidential election that spurred me to go out in search of a satellite dish. But now I have the dish, and I get all the Fox News I want. Fair and balanced is their motto, and that’s exactly what they give you. It’s so refreshing. It’s the best decision I ever made—and I’m even saving money over what I used to pay for cable.

I take great joy in being able to say I never again have to see Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, or anyone at CNN. The rating woes of CNN and the major networks tell me I’m not the only one.

Copyrighted © 2001 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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December 22, 2000

A Christmas Tale

Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a town of Galilee called Nazareth to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary . . . And the angel said . . . “thou shalt conceive in thy womb and shall bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name Jesus” . . .

Now it came to pass . . . that a decree went forth from Caesar Augustus that a census of the whole world should be taken . . . And Joseph also went from Galilee out of the town of Nazareth . . . to the town of David . . . called Bethlehem . . . to register with Mary, his espoused wife, who was with child . . . And it came to pass that she brought forth her firstborn son . . . and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn . . .And it came to pass . . that shepherds . . . found Mary and Joseph and the babe lying in a manger . . 

In the days of King Herod, behold, Magi came from the East to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he that is born king of the Jews?” . . . But . . . King Herod . . . was troubled . . . and he inquired . . . where the Christ was to be born . . . And they said . . . thus it is written by the prophet, “And thus, Bethlehem, of the land of Juda, . . . for from thee shall come forth a leader who shall rule my people Israel’ . . . Now they . . . went their way . . . And behold the star . . . stood over the place . . . And entering the house, they found the child with Mary . . .

But . . . an angel . . . appeared in a dream to Joseph, saying, “Arise . . . and flee into Egypt . . . for Herod will seek the child to destroy him . . . So he arose . . . and withdrew to Egypt . . . Then Herod . . . slew all the boys in Bethlehem and all its neighborhood who were two years old or under . . . But when Herod was dead, behold, an angel . . . appeared in a dream to Joseph . . . and said, “Arise . . and go into the land of Israel, for those who sought the child’s life are dead”. . . So he arose . . . and went into . . . Israel . . . But hearing that Archelaus was reigning in Judea in place of his father, Herod . . . he was afraid to go there and . . . he withdrew into the region of Galilee . . . and settled in a town called Nazareth.

I don't know about you, but I'm not buying it. It might sound a little odd that I should be questioning the veracity of this well-known story, but I have harbored some doubts about it since my elementary days in parochial school. Of course, I never voiced any of these concerns to the nuns who taught me--I placed too high a value on my life to do something that foolish--but I had these doubts nonetheless.

For example, both Mary and Joseph were from the house and lineage of David. So why, before they were married, were they living in the town of Nazareth in the region of Galilee instead of in Bethlehem, the city of David? We are told that Mary was living in Galilee before her marriage because that's where the angel Gabriel supposedly went to announce her participatory role in God's plan of salvation. And here’s another thing. Because of the census, Joseph and Mary traveled all the way to Bethlehem where Mary gave birth, and they were still in Bethlehem when the Magi arrived from the East. The nuns told me that it might have taken up to two years for the Magi to get to Bethlehem. So what were Jesus, Mary, and Joseph still doing in Bethlehem when the Magi arrived? Were they back for a vacation? We know that the Magi went to Bethlehem because that's where they told Herod they were heading and that's where the prophecy told them to go. And we know that it might have taken up to two years for the Magi to arrive because Herod slew all the male children in Bethlehem up to two years of age in an effort to kill Jesus.

That brings me back to the residence of the Holy Family. Joseph fled into Egypt with Mary and Jesus to escape Herod, and they didn't return until Herod died. Being a little suspect of Herod's son, Joseph didn’t return to Judea but instead settled his family in a different town, Nazareth in Galilee. But isn't that where they were supposed to have been living in the first place? As you can see, it doesn't add up.

These inconsistencies bothered me for the longest time. Every year at this time I would hear the story again, and every year the doubts would resurface. Then, a few years ago, I stumbled across an article by someone--I can't recall his name--who must have had some of the same doubts I did. Fortunately, he was a Bible scholar who also had lived in the Holy Land and spent years studying the customs of the inhabitants. He made some keen observations and arrived at some sensible conclusions.

First, he speculated that Mary and Joseph originally lived in Bethlehem, not in Nazareth. They were direct descendents of David, so it only made sense that they would have lived in David’s city of Bethlehem. As for the birth of Christ taking place in a stable, he claimed that it made perfect sense because Joseph and Mary’s home would have been packed full of out-of-town relatives who had returned to Bethlehem for the census. That in itself would have made it a cramped and uncomfortable for a woman about to give birth. Also, with so many people in town, there wouldn’t have been any vacancies at the inn for Mary to go and deliver her child there. Instead, they would have retreated to the stable to perform the delivery simply for reasons of privacy, and that would explain why the shepherds found Christ lying in a manger. Most homes at that time kept stables behind the houses.

The premise that the Holy Family lived in Bethlehem instead of Nazareth also explains how the Magi found them in Bethlehem after traveling for two years. It also helps to explain the Biblical account of Joseph resettling the family in Nazareth upon returning from Egypt because he was afraid to go home to Judea, where Bethlehem is located.

I have to admit, the guy's explanation makes a lot of sense, and it adds some clarity and consistency to the whole story. Admittedly, my skepticism was more time and place oriented. I never did have a problem with the core premise or the reality of the story. I was only concerned that some of the pieces to the puzzle didn't fit quite right. But now the pieces have fallen into place, and the mystery, awe, and grandeur of the message remains as priceless and timeless as always. Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son; and they shall call his name Emmanuel.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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December 3, 2000

Son of Clinton

Remember the old Frankenstein movies? Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein meets the Mummy, etc. The list was never ending. The only thing possessing a longer life span than the monster itself was the number of sequels its name produced. And the name Frankenstein wasn’t even the name of the monster. Frankenstein was the name of the doctor who created the monster. We never did find out of the name of the poor schlep who became the monster.

The same can be said of the horror film playing today in the theatre of presidential politics; however, in this sequel we know the name of the lost soul ravaging the countryside and the Constitution—it is Al Gore. But make no mistake about it, Al Gore is not his own man; he is the creation of the evil genius Bill Clinton. Without Bill Clinton, there would be no Al Gore, and our nation and the rule-of-law would not be in jeopardy today.

Bill Clinton immortalized the statement, “It all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Al Gore is now using that same technique in his challenge to the presidency where he is trying to have a judge install him as president because he couldn’t garner enough votes to get himself elected. The votes have been counted, recounted, and recounted again; but, according to Al Gore, it all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘count’ is.

Al Gore’s definition of the word ‘count’ means an Al Gore vote. If it is not an Al Gore vote, then it is a vote that has not been counted. This is a shrewd move on Gore’s part because a lot of ignorant people hear him say that votes are uncounted, and they think that he means the ballots weren’t tabulated. But the ballots and votes were tabulated—numerous times—and the tabulation determined that votes were not cast for president on many ballots. People went to the polls and decided that they didn’t like either candidate, so they didn’t vote for either one. It could almost be said that, in these instances, a negative vote was cast against each candidate.

That might be a new way of looking at all of this. If we ‘count’ every Gore vote as a vote against George W. Bush, and we ‘count’ every Bush vote as a vote against Al Gore, and then we ‘count’ every ballot that has no vote for president as a vote against both candidates, we will have ‘counted’ every vote. In this scenario, we would determine the candidate who had the most votes cast against him and award the election to the opposing candidate. But I’m afraid in that circumstance George W. Bush wins again. It seems George W. Bush wins no matter how we count the votes.

And it is that fact that drives Al Gore crazy and turns him into a monster. It also fuels his self-destructive tendencies. He just can’t believe the people were stupid enough to vote for his opponent, and now he’s going to make them pay by destroying their country and their precious little Constitution. But the villagers seem to be tiring of the havoc wreaked upon them by the monster and his selfish, adolescent behavior. They are beginning to pick up their torches and pitchforks to chase him to the windmill and bring this all to a fiery conclusion. In the image of the monster, they see his creator, and they hope that in striking down Al Gore they will also free themselves from Bill Clinton.

But wait. There in the shadows, watching at a safe distance from Capitol Hill, the recognizable evil grimace, the cold and calculating intent, the sequel to our most horrid nightmare waiting to break onto the stage and dash all our hopes and dreams. Coming to a Senate office near you--Bride of Clinton.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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November 13, 2000

Banana Republic

It is our link to the past and our key to the future. It is the anchor of our freedom; the cement that binds our nation. It is the Constitution of the United States, and it is once again under assault by those sworn to uphold and defend it.

Bill Clinton began the assault during the impeachment debacle, and Al Gore continues the war through third-world despot tactics as he seeks to ensconce himself in power and the presidency contrary to the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. We’ve seen it before in developing countries—election manipulation, fraudulent ballot counting, media complicity, corrupt judges. We just never expected to observe it on our shores. With Clinton and Gore there are a lot of things we never expected to see on our shores and hope never to see again.

It is obvious that the constitution and the rule of law mean nothing to Clinton and Gore despite their oaths of office. All that matters are their personal lusts for power. However, there also exists another player sworn to protect and defend the constitution. It is not congress or the judicial branch. Impeachment taught us that they’ve neither the stomach nor the inclination to fight for our freedoms. No, this player is quite formidable, and it takes seriously its oath to protect and defend the constitution. This patriotic entity is the United States military.

It is a sorry state of affairs, but it might be necessary for the U.S. military under the direction of the generals to step up to the plate and reestablish the constitution and rule of law. It took military action to establish our constitution. It may require patriots in the military to preserve it. Perhaps all it would take would be a visit to the vice-president’s residence by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to bring this presidential election to a conclusion. Al Gore seems intent on turning this nation into a banana republic, so it is only fitting that the remedy should follow suit.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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October 20, 2000

The Ayes Have It

The "eyes" have it. In watching the third of the presidential debates, I was struck by three unspoken but telling moments. They involved nothing more than body language, specifically the eyes.

The first moment occurred at the immediate outset when the candidates were announced and they walked into the forum. As he appeared in view, George W. Bush glanced up to the left, presumably at his wife, and he winked. It was a display of confidence that needed no verbal interpretation. He is a solid, honest, down-to-earth man who knows who he is, where he's going, and what he wants to do.

The second moment also involved Mr. Bush, and it occurred at one of the many moments when Al Gore was behaving like an arrogant, pompous, blowhard. The television camera was positioned on Mr. Gore, but it also captured George Bush in the scene as he again winked, this time at a forum participant in the gallery. The wink provided insight into Mr. Bush's confidence and good nature, and it revealed a shared moment between Mr. Bush and the participant in which they both recognized Al Gore as the dishonest, unlikable buffoon that he is.

The third moment did not directly involve either candidate; it instead involved Tipper Gore. The camera would often pan up to Al Gore's wife in the gallery, and in her eyes could be seen a certain sadness as she watched her husband flailing around the stage like a drowning man grasping for life. Her eyes betrayed the fact that she already knew the election was over.

The American people have had their eyes closed for too long where Clinton and Gore are concerned, but it seems they are awakening. Even the media have been displaying some minor corrections in vision. Soon we will have the true poll results, and we will learn if America wants to set a new, straighter course led by George W. Bush. When the votes are tallied on November 7th, the answer will clearly resound--the ayes have it!

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 17, 2000

The Late Great Society

Lately, I’ve begun referring to Al Gore as Al BJ to focus attention on his ties to the president. No, I don’t mean the current president. I mean former President Lyndon B. Johnson.

LBJ orchestrated an expansion of the welfare state known as the Great Society that resulted in a larger government, massive budget deficits, and high taxes. Ronald Reagan lowered taxes 15 years later, and the Republican congress tamed the welfare state and eliminated the deficit after 30 years. Now Gore is proposing new, massive welfare spending and another explosion of the federal bureaucracy that dwarfs even LBJ’s Great Society.

In Gore’s proposal, he spends the federal budget and the projected tax surplus plus an additional $906 billion in unaccounted spending. That means one of two things: increased taxes or a $906 billion budget deficit. Gore already gave us the largest tax increase in history that included increased taxes on senior citizens as well as increased gasoline and telephone taxes, so raising taxes is nothing new to him. And if he gives us a new deficit, we’ll be right back where we were in 1992. What did they call it? The worst economy in the last 50 years?

George W. Bush is not proposing any deficits, tax increases, or massive government takeovers of your life. He is proposing to return control of your life to you. You will be able to invest and direct some of your social security investments. You will be able to send your kids to the schools you want. You will be able to pick your doctors and select your healthcare and prescription plans. You will be given back your money so you can spend it as you please. And you will feel secure because you know the military is restored and our national defense secrets are safe.

LBJ gave us big government, and it took 30 years to scale it back. Gore is proposing an even bigger government, and who knows how long it will dominate our lives. George W. Bush is proposing a restoration of individual freedom, and that’s something long overdue.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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September 1, 2000

The Wheel Has Turned

Try as he might to distance himself from Bill Clinton, we will never look upon one without seeing the other. That is what Dick Cheney said of Al Gore, and every word is true. Al Gore cannot escape his ties to the corruption of Bill Clinton as well as the ineptness of the Clinton/Gore administration.

Clinton/Gore continually attack the pharmaceutical industry that researches and develops new drugs. Consequently, we suffer because new cures are left undiscovered and new medicines are not developed.

Clinton/Gore cut our military by one-third and increase deployments by 300%. Consequently, the military is too exhausted and stretched too thin to adequately defend our shores.

Clinton/Gore give away our nuclear guidance technology to communist China. Consequently, our nation is at risk of a nuclear attack from a hostile, ruthless regime.

Clinton/Gore curtail the exploration and drilling of oil in the U.S. making us dependent on foreign oil. Consequently, we pay exorbitant prices at the gas pumps and become a weak, dependent nation.

Clinton/Gore prohibit logging in our national forests. Consequently, the forests are not thinned and maintained, and one-half our country is engulfed in wildfires.

Clinton/Gore attack and attempt to destroy Microsoft. Consequently, the tech stocks crash on the stock market and drag down the blue chips causing a lot of little people to lose large amounts of their retirement pensions.

Clinton/Gore vigorously fight to stop school vouchers. Consequently, low-income minorities have no choice in education and their children remain ignorant.

Clinton/Gore increase taxes and don’t want to give back any of the surplus. Consequently, our overpaid taxes are spent on worthless programs, and we are taxed even more to finance their continuation.

Clinton/Gore do nothing in eight years to save social security and now fight efforts to fix and improve it through partial privatization. Consequently, our social security investments are in danger of being lost.

Dick Cheney said that you can’t see Gore without thinking of Clinton. You also can’t ponder a Gore administration without seeing the Clinton administration. It is likely that Bill Clinton will be indicted when he leaves office, and Gore himself is one step ahead of an indictment. To quote Cheney again, “The wheel has turned. It is time for them to go!”

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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August 20, 2000

Stupid People

Let’s talk about the economy. The economy is business. Let me repeat. The economy is business. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that fact. Business is what the economy is all about. For the economy to flourish, business has to flourish. And for business to flourish, those leading the country have to know what business is all about.

Al Gore and Joe Lieberman know nothing about business. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Both have spent their entire lives in elected politics. They cannot make the economy work. They cannot make the economy grow. They cannot provide an environment friendly to the economy, because they know absolutely nothing about business. When it comes to business and the economy, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, like most Democrats, are stupid.

George Bush and Dick Cheney, on the other hand, are both successful businessmen. They know the ins and outs of business and how business affects the economy. They have both excelled in their respective business endeavors thereby benefiting their companies, their colleagues, their employees, their customers, and themselves. And in doing so, they have also benefited the American economy and the American people. And now they seek to benefit America even more by sharing their knowledge, leadership and business expertise with us so that the economy can soar to even greater heights.

In 1992 the Democrats liked to say, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Actually, it’s business, stupid. Don’t be stupid, and don’t vote for stupid people.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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August 13, 2000

Coldhearted and Cruel

I've always viewed Democrat politicians as cold-hearted and cruel, and I’m now more convinced of it than ever. Have you seen how they’re treating Al Gore lately? It’s understood that Gore is no intellectual heavyweight. That might explain why he’s the only one who doesn’t know he’s going to lose the presidential election.

It’s both sad and embarrassing to see him bouncing around at union rallies like a schizophrenic clown at a child’s birthday party. You’d think the Democrats would have the common decency to let him in on what they already know. But, instead, they feed his delusions and allow him to stumble along in his earth tones as he desperately tries to discover his own identity.

And now the Democrats have embarked on a new strategy. They intend to lull us to sleep so we’ll snooze right through the election and not vote for George W. Bush. To accomplish this feat, they've concocted the dream ticket of Al Gore and Senator Joe Lieberman--Dull and Duller.

Joe Lieberman has been championed as the only Democrat who is capable of telling the truth. He did, after all, tell us the truth about Bill and Monica. Perhaps the party leadership is hoping he’ll also break the news to Gore that he doesn’t have a prayer of becoming president.

Although Lieberman spoke the truth about Clinton and Lewinsky, he didn’t do anything about it, and it’s unlikely he’ll do anything about enlightening Al Gore. Instead, he’ll raise Gore’s hopes and lead him like a lamb to the slaughter. Then on November 8th, Lieberman will retreat back to his job in the senate and join the rest of America in forgetting about Al Gore. Like I said, Democrat politicians are cold-hearted and cruel.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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August 6, 2000

The Measure of a Man

I tried to shake hands with a man the other day. My father always maintained that you could tell a lot about a man from his handshake. Men are like that. We use that ritual to size each other up. And that was my intention the other day when I left my office in Pittsburgh and walked over to Station Square.

George W. Bush and Richard Cheney had chosen Pittsburgh to begin their whistle-stop campaign tour through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana; and the crowd awaiting them at Station Square was massive. The energized audience was so large, I couldn’t get a glimpse of either man; but I heard the governor speak, and I saw the reaction his words elicited from the crowd.

After their speeches, Bush and Cheney retired into the train with their wives, and some in the crowd hastily left the rally to return to their jobs. I used the movement within the crowd to work my way onto the tracks and positioned myself at the rear of the train with the secret service agents and a few others who also had slipped past the barrier lines. I still don’t know why, but the secret service allowed me to remain posted behind the train. It was almost as if I had become invisible.

As the train was preparing to depart, the agents began moving everyone else back behind the barriers and away from the train, but I was left standing alone as Bush and Cheney both emerged from the train to wave goodbye. I could easily have stepped up and raised my hand toward Governor Bush, but I raised my camera instead and started taking pictures as fast as I could.

I might have lost my one and only opportunity to shake hands with the next President of the United States, but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have to shake the hand of George W. Bush to know who and what he is—solid, honest, competent, inspiring. In other words, a winner!

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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August 1, 2000

GOP Abortion

It seems the Republican Party has changed its position on abortion. I say this because GOP leaders recently aborted the political aspirations of Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania. Governor Ridge was very fond of flaunting his rogue non-conformist image when it came to bucking the pro-life views of the Republican Party, not to mention the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. But with the skilled precision of an abortionist’s suction hose, the Republican hierarchy ripped away Ridge’s dream of the vice-presidency like the arms and legs of a dismembered unborn child.

It was obvious that Ridge wanted to be George W. Bush’s vice-president. He wanted it so bad he could taste it. And he didn’t aspire to just the vice-presidency; he also had designs on the “big chair" in eight years after Bush completes two terms. But neither of those dreams will be realized simply because Ridge is too stupid, too heartless or too self-absorbed to acknowledge and revere innocent human life.

George W. Bush, likewise, desired Ridge as his running mate. He found Ridge affable, and he thought they would make a good team. But despite their personal compatibility, Bush knew that principle must prevail, so he authorized the Ridge abortion. In the end, morality and decency triumphed with the selection of Dick Cheney--a victory for the unborn and for America.

Perhaps Ridge can now empathize with an unborn child targeted for abortion--so full of promise, so full of potential, so full of dreams, yet perpetually doomed. As an unborn child vigorously grasps at life up until the moment the abortionist snuffs it out, Ridge held onto his dream of the vice-presidency until the very end. But neither the aborted child nor Governor Ridge will ever realize his dreams or his full potential.

Unlike an unborn child, Governor Ridge had a choice, and he chose to throw it all away. He once wore his pro-choice label as a badge of honor, and ironically, it was that choice that robbed him of his future. But then robbing individuals of their futures is what abortion is all about.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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June 1, 2000

Cowards, Wimps and Weaklings

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Now where have I heard that before? Ah, yes, those immortal words were spoken by Bill Clinton in his sworn testimony that landed him a contempt citation for perjury and got him impeached. And it now looks as though he might be disbarred over it. I bring this up again because today I read something that sounded so Clinton-esque it was creepy.

Earlier today three judges from the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued their decision in the Elian Gonzalez case. Within two hours of the document’s release, I was on the Internet reading it. What I read scared me because parts of the decision could easily have been written by Bill Clinton.

The court affirmed that, according to 8 U.S.C. Sec. 101(a)(3) and the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s (INS) own regulations, “a six-year old is eligible to apply for asylum.” Then the court passed into that shadowy netherworld of Bill Clinton and his operatives, and they ruled that it all depends on what you mean by the word “apply.” Since the court doesn’t know what the word apply means, it decreed that it was permissible for Bill Clinton and the INS to make up the rules as they go along.

Guided by its own established procedures, the INS could have accepted Elian’s application under the “special circumstances” clause, but the court accepted INS’s contention that Elian’s case wasn’t a special circumstance. A six-year-old orphaned child rescued at sea and brought to freedom in the United States while trying to escape a totalitarian regime is not a special circumstance? No, according to the court, it is not. It’s a “peculiar circumstance.” It’s an “extraordinary circumstance.” But it’s not a “special circumstance,” and, therefore, Bill Clinton and the INS can do whatever they want.

To see these judges sink to Bill Clinton’s level of corrupting the English language is really disturbing. Of course, they’ve seen what happens to people who oppose Clinton whether they be judges or merely women who are raped or abused by Clinton. I assume they were just afraid. The judges did muster enough courage to say in footnotes that they don’t believe what Clinton and the INS did was right. But what good is that? On the whole, the judges were pretty much spineless.

There is so little courage exhibited these days. Clinton’s cowardice is widely known and well documented as is Gore’s and that of the whole Clinton administration. And now it seems this lack of courage extends even into the courts. To find any courage we have to look to the good people of the Cuban-American community and to one very brave—but doomed—Cuban child. Vaya con Dios, young Elian.

Copyrighted © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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May 14, 2000

Common Sense Gun Control

Today in Washington D.C. they held the rally known as the Million Moms March . A few weeks ago I heard someone label the rally the PMS Parade, and, personally, I think it a more accurate description. But, nevertheless, the women have chosen their own label, and the news media are sucking it up.

The moms are claiming to be promoting common sense gun control laws. The only problem is that we already have common sense gun control laws. They just aren’t being enforced. What the moms really want is to have guns outlawed altogether.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to hear an interview with Thomas Sowell, PhD. Dr. Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, and he was addressing the subject of gun control. He pointed out that guns do two things: they kill people and they save lives. Dr. Sowell then explained that the question of gun control is not a question of principle, but, rather, an empirical question. Do more people die when you have gun control versus when you don’t have gun control? The answer is that more people die when you have gun control. He went on to cite the research and statistics that prove his point: more people die of gun related deaths in regions with the most stringent gun control laws.

Gun laws prevent home accidents but they also make it easier for people who have guns illegally to prey upon unarmed people and to commit more crimes. Empirically, guns prevent more deaths than they cause, because law abiding citizens with guns are able to prevent and deter crimes committed by the non-law abiding citizens. Two million crimes are prevented each year with guns.

That brings me back to the Million Moms March. I guess it was only appropriate that they chose to march in Washington D.C., a crime and murder ridden city with the most stringent gun laws in the nation. A million unarmed women complaining about guns while strolling through one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. I sure hope there were a lot of policemen there with guns to protect them.

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 23, 2000

Paradise Lost

Here is the question. How do you make a six-year-old Cuban child not want to remain in the United States? The answer is simple. Turn the United States into Cuba.

Little Elian Gonzalez knows what life is like in Cuba, and that’s why he doesn’t want to go back. He knows that in a couple years he will be taken away from his family by Castro to work as a slave in the tobacco and sugar cane fields until he reaches maturity. It happens to all the children, and he knows it will happen to him. Perhaps his father will be able to visit him one weekend a month. Perhaps not. He also knows that if his father refuses to give him up to Castro, armed soldiers will raid his house, rough up the people there, point guns at his family and him, and drag him away to an armed compound where he will be subjected to brainwashing and coercion.

So what happened on Holy Saturday? Armed Castro-type storm troopers of the United States government raided his home, roughed up a few people, pointed guns at him and his family, and dragged him away to an armed compound where he is being subjected to brainwashing and coercion. All of a sudden here is no different than there, so why should he care now where he lives?

The Clinton-Castro regime had to do what it did. It was rebuked and admonished by the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for its failure to uphold the law. The court explained in no uncertain terms that Elian Gonzalez legally had applied for asylum and is entitled to his day in court. Also, the court reiterated that the boy’s wishes in this matter are germane, and his wishes will be heard in a legal hearing. In light of that development, the Clinton-Castro regime knows it cannot allow the boy to walk into that courtroom on May 11, 2000 and say that he wants to stay in the United States, and so we witnessed the debacle that took place Holy Saturday morning.

Now that Elian is back in Castro’s custody, he will never again say that he wants to stay in the United States. He will never again say that he wants to visit Disney World. He will never again say he wants to play on his swing set with his friends or swim in his little pool or watch Barney on television or play Nintendo. Elian will never again do what he wants to do. He will never again say what he wants to say. He will never again know freedom. He will walk into that courtroom and say what he is told to say by Castro’s goons, just like his father does.

To my fellow citizens who are too deluded, ignorant or self-absorbed to understand the loss of freedom, I suggest you closely examine and remember the picture of the helmeted INS thug pointing an automatic weapon at Elian as he drags the boy from his hiding place in the closet. If you refuse to recognize the difference between freedom and a murderous, Godless, totalitarian regime, and if you continue to turn a blind eye to the loss of freedom by others, you just might see that picture coming to a home near you.

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 12, 2000

The Gore Tax

I paid my Gore tax today, and I learned that it's going up this month. Gore tax? Yeah, it’s that illegal tax you’re paying on your phone bill each month. If you use AT&T as your long distance carrier like I do, your tax is increasing to 8.6% of your long distance charges.

The Gore tax got its name from the fact that Al Gore, as vice-president, pushed for and succeeded in amending the Telecommunications Act of 1966. As a result, telephone companies must now collect an additional tax from us and deposit the money into a universal service fund administered by the federal government. The only catch is that the telephone companies cannot use the word "tax" to describe the collections. If they do, they get into big trouble with the feds.

The Federal Communications Commission ordered the telephone companies to begin collecting the “contributions” in May 1997, and in 1999 the contribution rate was raised by 73%. If you think there is something wrong with this picture, you’re right. A government agency, such as the FCC, and an executive branch flunky, such as Al Gore, cannot legally institute or raise a tax—and yet they did. According to the U.S. Constitution, only Congress has the power to tax, but the Constitution has become an outmoded document in the Clinton-Gore administration.

My AT&T bill this month includes a short explanation of the Gore tax, which it calls the Universal Connectivity Charge for the National Access Contribution. AT&T has even supplied a toll-free number (1-800-532-2021) with a recorded explanation of the tax. You must remember, however, that telephone companies are not allowed to call it a tax. Nevertheless, the folks at AT&T walk a fine line in their recorded message, and they manage to get the point across that the mandatory “contribution” is not their idea.

And so I’m left to wonder. If, as vice-president, Al Gore is able to impose an illegal tax on us and institute a prohibition against our being informed that it is a tax, just think what he could do to us as president.

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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April 8, 2000

Authentic Americans

It’s good to turn on the television and see some real Americans again. I had assumed a genuine appreciation of freedom had died in this country, but, lately, I’ve been catching a glimpse of it down in Miami. It’s refreshing to see, and it breathes new hope into my sometime pessimistic view of what we’ve become as a nation. The only down side is that such heroic displays in defense of freedom usually trigger some onslaught of tragedy, and I’m certain a degree of tragedy will befall those who have taken up the noble cause.

The individuals to whom I refer are the Cuban-Americans in the streets of Miami’s Little Havana who are using themselves as human shields to protect Elian Gonzalez. They are passionately, defiantly and courageously bearing witness to the evil, repressive regime that is Fidel Castro. Because they themselves have been deprived of freedom in the past, they understand what freedom truly means, and they have proclaimed their willingness to die for it here and now. Our forebears shared these same ideals, and we exist as a free, independent nation because of their beliefs and sacrifices.

Unfortunately, not many people in our country today value freedom the way the Cuban-American community does. Just look at the polls. People don’t seem to care that Bill Clinton acts like Fidel Castro, so why should they care if a young boy is condemned to live life under the repressive Castro regime?

When it comes to philosophy, there’s not much of a difference between Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro. Both use the government and military to intimidate and destroy people they don’t like and to kill those they view as enemies or deem expendable. Castro, for the most part, kills his own citizens, but Clinton seems to prefer killing citizens of other countries. Both feel they are above the law—and they’ve proven that they are—and both demand that the children of all but the elites (e.g. presidents, congressmen, etc.) endure government indoctrination. Here on our shores, we call such indoctrination the public education system.

So it’s no wonder people see nothing wrong with a communist country and its inherently evil dictator. They view Cuba no differently than the way they view this country. Fortunately, there is still a group of Americans who understand and hold dear the freedom on which our country was founded. Ironically, these authentic Americans are the ones who weren’t born here.

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 30, 2000

Papal Penance

I'm sorry. No, I mean I'm really sorry. I'm really, really, really sorry. Now that's an apology. What the pope delivered while touring the Holy Land was not an apology.

All week long on TV and in newspapers people were complaining that Pope John Paul II hadn't gone far enough in his apology to Jews for the inaction of the Catholic Church during the Holocaust. Blinded by their egos or their ignorance, these whiners completely missed the point. The pope wasn't making an apology to them; he was offering a prayer to God, a prayer in which he acknowledged the failings of the Catholic Church and asked God's pardon.

Unlike the pope, Bill Clinton likes to portray himself as a sensitive and caring guy by offering up meaningless apologies for the acts of other people. The pope, however, doesn't engage in such phony gimmicks. He does not apologize to people for things he did not do and things over which he had no control.

Unfortunately, our modern, hypersensitive society expects leaders to deliver these phony Clinton-type apologies. This mentality can also be seen in the call for an apology for slavery in America even though all the slaves and slave owners are dead and gone. It's the symbolism that counts. Someone who had nothing to do with the past is expected to stand up and say I'm sorry, and, somehow, that will make everything better.

As a Christian, perhaps I should demand an apology from Jews for their standing idly by while Nero and his Roman buddies used my forebears as lawn torches or served them to the lions as the Christian du jour. The only problem is that none of those Jews are still around, so what would be the point?

I guess all I can do then is apologize and say I'm sorry--really, really, sorry--if I've offended any Jew, slave, Roman or lion in what I have written. I'm also sorry for disease, starvation, the Great Depression, Al Gore, World War II and the Drew Cary Show. Gee, I feel better now. Don't you?

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 21, 2000

The Crying Game

It is the only profession that can boast of its own constitutional protection. Nothing is allowed to restrain it. What I'm talking about is the freedom of the press, a freedom that extends to the whole of the print and electronic news media. So with their very own constitutional protection, why are they such a bunch of crybabies?

A few weeks ago they were beside themselves because the Republicans failed to nominate the media’s Republican candidate of choice, John McCain. Night after night we were forced to endure their incredulity and moaning over the way McCain was handed his hat and shown the door by loathsome Republicans who really don’t know what’s good for them. In truth, McCain had no real support in this country—and he still has no real support—except for the news media themselves and a handful of conniving Democrats who wouldn’t have voted for him in the general election anyway. In reality, had Senator McCain garnered any real support, he would have won the Republican nomination—but he didn’t, and the news media threw a tantrum because of it.

Like most spoiled brats with short attention spans, the news media stopped their crying temporarily and became briefly distracted by Wayne LaPierre, Vice President of the NRA, when he made the observation that Bill Clinton needs a certain level of violence in this country and is willing to accept a certain amount of killing to further his own political agenda. The media’s tearful sobs were quickly replaced with angry outrage at LaPierre’s remarks about their icon, Bill Clinton. Never mind that what Mr. LaPierre said was totally accurate. Bill Clinton is willing to accept killing to further his own political agenda and protect his own self-interest. The school shootings that began during his tenure as president may or may not be his responsibility, but the refusal of his administration to enforce the existing 22,000 federal gun laws and the resulting deaths are his responsibility. He is also directly responsible for the deaths that occurred in the bombings and wars he started on three continents while trying to distract our attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal and his own impeachment.

But then today John McCain returned to the Senate, and the news media forgot all about Wayne LaPierre, and they started crying and whining again about John McCain. They had such high hopes for him and his bogus campaign finance reform. Of course, the only reason they are interested in the McCain reform is that it will prevent the Republicans from purchasing media advertising to state their positions and get out the Republican message. That would leave the news media empowered to report whatever they wanted about a candidate without the candidate having an opportunity to respond. In essence, they would be choosing the candidates along with determining who wins the election. No wonder they like John McCain so much.

Fortunately, the news media didn’t get their Republican candidate of choice, and they’ll have to wait a little longer to secure their total control over the elections in this country. Until then, they’ll continue to act like crybabies, whining and moaning while they try to shove the McCain reform down our throats. In a strange sort of way, I kind of enjoy their pathetic whining. I can’t wait to see the really obscene tantrum they throw when George W. Bush moves into the White House.

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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March 12, 2000

The Usual Suspects

Al Gore’s bag lady, Maria Hsia (pronounced Shaw), was just convicted on five felony counts for aiding Al Gore in the collection of illegal Communist Chinese campaign contributions (i.e. bribes and payoffs) laundered through a Buddhist Temple in the 1996 presidential campaign. Ms. Hsia now faces prison time while Al Gore gets to run for president and say that campaign finance reform is one of his major objectives. It’s kind of like putting away one of Al Capone’s lieutenants and then installing Al Capone as head of the organized crime unit. But if Al Gore is elected president, it will be because the news media and Bill Clinton’s bag lady, Attorney General Janet Reno, have done everything in their power to protect him and Bill Clinton.

Janet Reno’s role in this came to light again last week due to the leaking of a Justice Department lead investigator’s report that was kept secret for two years by Ms. Reno. The report outlined the White House fund-raising crimes and abuses, and it called for further investigation by an independent counsel, but Janet Reno put the report under lock and key in the hope that it would never see the light of day. It did; however, it might not matter. The mainstream news media is as complicit in the crimes of Clinton and Gore as is the Attorney General. They are not about to do or say anything that will damage Al Gore’s chances of being elected president not to mention putting him in jail.

Yesterday, I watched Andrew Glass on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. He is the senior correspondent for Cox Newspapers, and he took a phone call from a viewer who asked him how the members of the press could not be biased toward the Democrats when a survey shows that 90% of them are Democrats and voted for Clinton and Gore in the last two elections. His response was that the media get to see the candidates up close, and, therefore, they are more informed voters. Mr. Glass’ message? If you are educated and well informed, you vote for Democrats--you especially vote for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. With that kind of elitism and liberal Democrat bias coming from the senior correspondent of Cox Newspapers, does anyone really believe the media will give any kind of coverage to the crimes of Al Gore?

As for Maria Hsia, she has been convicted, but she is not yet in jail. There’s a good chance she won’t do much, if any, jail time because the sentencing judge is a Clinton appointee. Also, if Al Gore is elected president, she definitely will not be going to jail. Instead, she’ll probably get a cabinet position. The news media did not cover her trial because it would have been bad publicity for Gore, and they never expected her to be convicted. Then, when she was convicted, they had to scramble and give some light one-day coverage to the event. Now they have to work extra hard to try and keep her out of jail. And what better way to do that than to get Al Gore elected president. After all, the prisons are so overcrowded. Putting Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Maria Hsia and Janet Reno all in prison won’t do anyone any good. Or will it?

Copyright © 2000 – Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 29, 2000

A Republican Crisis of Faith

What doth it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul? If you don’t know, that passage is from the Bible. I’m confidently able to make such a religious proclamation because John McCain has introduced religion into the presidential campaign. Well, he hasn’t exactly introduced religion into the campaign. What he has done is introduce religious bigotry into the campaign, and he is proving himself the biggest religious bigot of all. John McCain is trying to paint George Bush as an anti-Catholic bigot, and it’s not going to work.

I am first and foremost a Catholic. My Catholic faith is something I value greatly, and I take it very seriously, more seriously than anything else in my life. Second to being a Catholic, I’m a Republican, and in the last few weeks I’ve seen John McCain insult both my religion and my political party.

For years I’ve railed against the Democrat Party and the way it seduces and discards the Black population of our nation. The Blacks in America also share some of the blame for this because they allow themselves to be pandered to and baited by the Democrats. It happens over and over again, and they never seem to learn. The race baiting of the Democrats and the gullibility of the Blacks was never more evident than at last week’s Democrat presidential debate at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. It was a horrible spectacle to behold. It was almost un-American.

Now I see John McCain trying to bait Catholics the way Democrats bait Blacks, and I for one refuse to be duped and seduced by him. I find it vile that McCain would revert to Clintonian tactics and attempt to use my Catholic faith to further his own self-interest and his disgraceful, dishonest campaign. I haven’t felt this rancor for a political candidate since Bill Clinton appeared on the scene in 1992. Bill Clinton only insulted my intelligence. John McCain has insulted my intelligence and my Catholic faith, and that’s not a wise thing to do.

That brings me back to the Bible passage, one that is very apropos for the Republic Party today. What does it profit us in the Republican Party if we gain the Whitehouse and suffer the loss of our integrity and our party in the process? Are we then, like the Democrats, going to have to lie and play dumb so as to excuse a dishonest Republican president who can’t be trusted and doesn’t stand for anything. I would rather see the Republican Party lose the presidency and return to fight another day than elect a Clinton wanna-be like John McCain whose only difference is that he bears a Republican moniker. If, on Election Day in November, it comes down to a choice between Clinton-lite represented by John McCain and Clinton-dumb represented by Al Gore, I think I’ll stay home. I believe a lot of Catholics and other Christians will do likewise.

Copyright (c) 2000 - Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 19, 2000

A Dog at School

There’s a book about teaching by James Herndon called How to Survive in Your Native Land. It has a chapter entitled “A Dog at School” that chronicles the mayhem that ensues whenever a dog wanders into a classroom.

In the presence of a dog, normal, studious school children lose all control and become raving maniacs obsessed with the dog. It’s as if they’ve never seen a dog before in their lives. They immediately rush the dog, grab the dog’s ears, pull the dog’s tail, pick up the dog, drop the dog, feed the dog and do anything and everything imaginable to the dog except one thing—ignore the dog. Eventually, the teacher has to intervene, and, in the end, the doors of the school burst open, and the dog comes flying out, landing on its butt. It rises, sniffs itself and then moseys along its way.

I see Hillary Clinton’s run for the U.S. Senate seat from New York a very similar situation. She belongs in the Senate from New York about as much as a dog belongs in school, but she has wandered into New York, and the news media has flocked to her like school children infatuated with a misdirected canine. They just can’t ignore her.

She is being picked up and carried all over the state by those who act as if they’ve never seen a dog before. She is being feed New York cuisine and given a Yankee’s ball cap to wear as if those things will make her a real New Yorker. And she’s being petted and fêted by all sorts of people who delude themselves and refuse to recognize her for what she really is—a dog at school.

Come November the voters will have their say. At that point, the adults will step in and we’ll see the doors of the voting booths open wide and out will fly Hillary Clinton landing not so gracefully on her butt. At that point she’ll rise, sniff herself and then mosey along her way to Chappaqua, Illinois, Arkansas or wherever it is she really lives.

Copyright (c) 2000 - Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 9, 2000

Slick Mickey

I’m going to do the unspeakable. I’m going to criticize the character and integrity of Senator and presidential candidate John McCain. I’m sorry; I can’t help it. Eight years ago I watched the news media glamorize Bill Clinton and gloss over the tell-tale signs of his dishonesty and lack of character, and now I see them doing the same thing for John McCain.

People are afraid to say anything negative about McCain because of his Vietnam War experience. The
thing I’ve heard said about him is that he is a good man with bad ideas. I disagree. I don’t think he’s a good man at all, but his ideas definitely are bad.

Often you hear it said that John McCain is a war hero. No, I don’t think he’s a hero; he’s a survivor. He found himself in a hellish state of affairs as a prisoner-of-war in Vietnam, and he did what he had to do to survive. Unfortunately, the experience seems to have imprinted itself onto his character, and he has carried this whatever-it-takes attitude well beyond his P.O.W days. He easily blurs the lines between right and wrong, legal and illegal, and he will say and do just about anything to get what he wants. The pandering, distortions and outright lies of his presidential campaign are evidence of this fact. The only other candidate to outdo him in this respect is Al Gore.

Let me say one other thing about the hero label that has been affixed to John McCain. What McCain did as a Vietnam P.O.W., he did in his youth. People change, and there is no guarantee that bravery and honor demonstrated in the past will follow a man into the future. John Glenn is a good example. John Glenn is also referred to as an American hero for his youthful space flight aboard Friendship 7, but, as a senator later in life, he proved himself to be an American disgrace. The disgrace came through his shameful collusion with Bill Clinton to gum up and subvert the investigation into the Clinton-Gore solicitation of illegal campaign funds from the communist Chinese and the later nuclear weapons’ guidance technology transfers to China that now put our nation at risk. And what a coincidence that Senator Glenn and Senator McCain happen to both be members of the Keating Five, as if further proof is needed of the lack of integrity of either man.

We already elected someone who was known to be dishonest and lacking in integrity, and that person ended up being impeached as well as being held in contempt of court and fined for lying under oath. Then there’s that small matter of his starting wars and dropping bombs on people just to divert attention from his other crimes, something that mysteriously stopped as soon as impeachment hearings and the Lewinsky scandal ended. Honesty and integrity do count, and McCain’s attempt to get elected by mimicking Bill Clinton is troubling. It’s scary to see people once duped by Slick Willy again fall prey to similar tactics employed by Slick Mickey.

I don’t know where, when or how Bill Clinton lost his soul, but I think John McCain's unfortunate ordeal in the Hanoi Hilton might have played a role in his willingness to ignore ethics and honesty so as to achieve his selfish desires. It might explain his lack of integrity, but it surely doesn't excuse it.

Copyright (c) 2000 - Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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February 3, 2000

Lower Taxes and Higher IQs

Let's face it. People aren't real bright. And when it comes to economic issues, they're downright stupid. That fact presents a real problem for any Republican wishing to get elected to national public office. It is said that most people vote their own self-interests, and that's probably true. When a taxpayer votes for a candidate who promises to lower taxes, he is definitely voting his own self-interest. And when a welfare recipient votes for a candidate who promises to continue giving him free money without the obligation of earning it, he also is voting his own self-interest. But there is a big economic difference between the self-interest of the welfare recipient and that of the taxpayer.

Levy a tax on an activity and that activity will decrease. Lower or remove the tax and the activity then increases. That's a basic tenet of economics, one that some people just can't seem to grasp. Ronald Reagan demonstrated that principle in the 1980s when he lowered taxes and doubled tax revenues. There was more money for the government because economic activity took off. People could keep more of their money, so they worked harder to earn more of it. Their increased earnings were taxed at the new lower rate generating more tax revenue for the government. Of course, all this new money intoxicated the Congress. Like drunken sailors, they spent all the new revenues--and a lot more besides--until they had run up a deficit. But the hard, cold, indisputable fact remains that Ronald Reagan doubled the money coming into the government by lowering the tax rates. Imagine how much money the government would have if tax revenues were doubled in our current economy. If that happened, there wouldn't be all this worry about shoring up the Social Security Trust Fund.

But let's get back to the self-interest of the welfare recipient versus that of the taxpayer. The self-interest of the welfare recipient involves raising taxes on the producers to provide more money for the welfare recipient. This stifles the economy because there is less incentive for the taxpayers--or anyone else--to work hard because they don't get to keep and enjoy the fruits of their labors. On the other hand, the self-interest of the taxpayer involves lowering taxes, and it results in more economic activity, more revenue for the government, more jobs for the unemployed, and more money for social programs for the poor and disabled. It's a winning prescription for all involved except Democrat politicians who buy the votes of the lazy and stupid with money giveaways and welfare.

The Republicans are talking about tax cuts, but it is not resonating with the pubic because the public is ignorant about economics. What Republicans should do is stop talking about "cutting taxes" and start talking about "increasing revenues through tax cuts." They should never use the words "tax cuts" except in the phrase "increasing revenues through tax cuts." It is such an alien idea to the doltish news media that it most certainly will elicit the question, "What do you mean?" This then opens the door for a brief sound-bite explanation of how tax cuts stimulate the economy and increase jobs opportunities that produce more taxpayers from whom the government can collect more money to finance its programs. It also provides the opportunity to offer up hard data and statistics from the Reagan years that effectively counter the Democrat lies about the 1980s. And if the Republicans want to sound like real compassionate conservatives, they can always talk about "increasing revenues through tax cuts to help the poor."

It's all about promoting our ideas and educating the public at the same time. Let the Democrats cultivate their garden of envy and ignorance and play to the baser side of human emotions. The Republicans need to be about enlightening the minds and building the spirit of people so the public will no longer be fooled by the deceptive ploys of the Democrats. In this way we will achieve our goals of freedom and prosperity through tax cuts and higher IQs--and we just might elect a Republican president in the process.

Copyright (c) 2000 - Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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January 29, 2000

Liberal Morality

A few weeks ago, I caught a portion of a C-span program while I was eating breakfast. I’m not sure which program it was—it might have been Washington Journal—but it had Christopher Hitchens as a guest. For those of you who don’t know, Christopher Hitchens is a freelance British journalist based in Washington, D.C. He has written for Vanity Fair, The Nation and Salon Magazine. But Mr. Hitichens' real claim to fame is that he helped expose the corrupt Bill Clinton attack machine that was set up to destroy the reputations and lives of women who had had the misfortune of involving themselves, either voluntarily or involuntarily, with Bill Clinton.

Mr. Hitchens initially did this during the Monica Lewinsky scandal by recounting in a sworn affidavit how his friend and Clinton operative, Sidney Blumenthal, had tried to use him to spread lies about Monica Lewinsky as a predator and an unstable sexual stalker of an innocent Bill Clinton. This immediately put Mr. Hitchens at odds with the rest of the journalistic community. The media and press were appalled that one of their own would do something so unthinkable as to tell the truth about Bill Clinton instead of trying to cover it up. So why did he do it? Why did Mr. Hitchens as an avowed liberal—almost Marxist—burn all his bridges with the elite liberal media and pursue the truth? His performance on the C-span program offered some clues.

I think it was a phone call from a viewer that steered him toward the subject. The caller asked something about Jane Fonda’s recent embrace of Christianity. I expected to hear Mr. Hitchens offer some dubious reservation about the sincerity of Ms. Fonda’s religious commitment, but, instead, I heard him chastise her for being suckered by the charade of Christianity. He then identified himself as an agnostic, and he showed great disdain for the gullible Christian community. Ironically, he sounded like Ted Turner and, most recently, Walter Cronkite. Ted Turner has been bashing Christianity for years, but Walter Cronkite is a new recruit to the anti-Christian crowd.

If Mr. Hitchens is agnostic and does not believe in any divine power and authority as he says, why is he so upset with the crimes of Bill Clinton? Is it not our basic core of morality and our belief in some sort of divine power and authority that keep us from committing crimes and cause us to condemn the crimes of others? Man-made laws can only do so much. If you don’t have that basic seed of morality within you, laws aren’t going to matter that much. Columbine is a good example, and there are plenty more examples nightly on the evening news. So without this belief in a divine moral authority, what explains Christopher Hitchens’ disdain for the behavior of Bill Clinton?

Government. Mr. Hitchens does have a god, and its name is government. That’s what Mr. Hitchens worships, and that’s what most liberals worship. That’s why they want government to be as big and as intrusive as possible. It fills a void in their lives, a void created by the absence of a real belief in God. That’s why they’re not only big government supporters; they’re also anti-religion, anti-Christian. Bill Clinton is immoral in Mr. Hitchens’ eyes not because he broke any legal or moral laws, but because he hurt the government through his actions. Impeachment hearings had to be held and the work of the government had to be suspended, and that was not good—it was a liberal mortal sin.

It must have been very disheartening for Mr. Hitchens to see the great socialist icon of the day showing contempt for the liberal god. I doubt it was easy for Mr. Hitchens to blow the whistle on Bill Clinton, but his liberal morality required that he do so. He even went so far as to point out that Bill Clinton orchestrated the deaths of innocent people on three continents just to keep the Monica Lewinsky scandal off the front pages of the newspapers. Unfortunately for Mr. Hitchens, the rest of the liberal and Democrat community saw Bill Clinton as the son of the liberal god, and Mr. Hitchens became nothing more than a liberal Judas in their eyes.

That’s why liberal morality is so incompatible with real moral beliefs and values. To be immoral in the liberal’s perspective, words and deeds have to interfere with the growth and power of government. That’s why Bill Clinton and his ilk can commit all sorts of real moral transgressions and crimes without consequence, lying without conscience being the least of them. That’s how Democrat congressmen can say that Republicans are making budget cuts in education and social programs while budgetary spending is forever increasing. That’s how Al Gore can say things like he and Tipper were the inspiration for Love Story, he invented the Internet, he discovered Love Canal and there is no controlling legal authority over his acceptance of illegal foreign campaign contributions laundered through a Buddhist temple. Then there’s the infamous lie uttered by his boss, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

Liberal morality might be a sad substitute for real moral beliefs and values; however, in this one instance, it caused a liberal journalist to take a stand and do the honorable thing. Unfortunately, not many Democrats followed Mr. Hitchens’ lead during the impeachment hearings and all the other Clinton/Gore scandals. When it comes to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, most Democrats can’t muster the character to show even liberal morality.

Copyright (c) 2000 - Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

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