Jamaican Farewell

A Mecca for dreamers, a habitat for misfits, a haven for pirates—the magical and mysterious Caribbean where floating resorts ply its warm, tropical waters, providing upscale transit to those seeking passage through the lower latitudes. Henry Naish always envisioned himself a pirate, and justifiably so; purloining for himself a brigand’s fortune, which he used to finance his unprincipled lifestyle, one that would inevitably fall prey to the darker forces inhabiting the islands and waters of this idyllic paradise. Ultimately, it would take a misfit and a dreamer to piece together the puzzle of Henry's demise, unraveling the mystery of his shrouded business dealings while exposing the hidden entanglements of his unscrupulous life.

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An OBX Novel

A classic tale of good vs. evil that brings together two unlikely people--one a legend in his own right--to battle a menacing presence having its origins in the legends of old. It is a story of death, destruction, revelation, and redemption set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a land where pirates once roamed, ghost stories abound, and people are known to vanish without a trace.

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The Elephants' Graveyard

A Guide for Getting and Keeping Your Welfare Entitlements

A satirical welfare exposé  ... or a handbook for living life on the dole?

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The Last Priest

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In the not-too-distant future, secularization becomes the governing norm for all human interactions and relationships, leading to an environment where religion is seen as having no role, existing only as an archaic and forgotten superstition, an abomination banned from society by decree. The purge of religion from everyday life, brought about by the ruling elite's destruction of churches and its slaughter of the clergy, leads to a world void of standards and morals, begging the question: Absent religion, can faith survive?






A BVI Novel

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The legendary saga that began in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (LegendOBX.com) continues unabated in the peaceful archipelago known as the British Virgin Islands, a tropical paradise populated by sailors, tourists, and friendly natives living out their lives in recreation and tranquility with little thought of turmoil or calamity, the ideal location for a final confrontation between good and evil involving opposing forces sharing a dark past and a divergent future.